Sunday, September 5, 2010

News pertaining to the lovely, lovely Kylie.

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A couple days ago the new video for Kylie Minogue's newest single Get Outta My Way.
I heard Get Outta My Way on her most recent album, Aphrodite. And it is definitely one of my favorites from the thoroughly magnificent album.

The video though.
Oh. My. Freaking. God.
Get ready for a queer-plosive, rant from a young gay-boy.

So the video for Get Outta My Way.
Is kind of crazy, sexy, cool. 
Musically speaking, as I've said before, it is one of my favorites from Kylie's most recent album. But the video REALLY enhances the song, gives it a whole new kind of energy, a new kind of light. The video rotates around a very digitalized, uber-modern projector-like form of imagery. The dancers, and Kylie Minogue herself, are encased in a very fractal, bright, artistic light. This makes every kind of movement on the floor a spectacular supernova of lines and movement. Contrastingly, there is a consistent use of water as an element accentuating the movement of Kylie and her dancers as well. So basically, the whole video focuses on making every kind of movement bigger and more stylized than it already is. In a more straightforward fashion, there are a few scenes where Kylie is completely drenched in a bright orange-y light. The fashion. Oooohhh the fashion. I'm not one for super sparkley ish but Kiley's sparkley heels? I died at the sight of them. The men, some of which, I won't lie, are very attractive. Are adorned in a very revealing outfit, I'm not really sure how to describe. Lastly, the dancing. Straightforward. I loved the dancing, the intricacies of the hand gestures, the subtleties. Just AUGH.
Easily. Get Outta My Way is one of my favorite videos of this year. 

In more Kylie news.  I JUST learned that she has a duet with, one of my new favorites, Hurts, on their forthcoming album, Happiness.
I listened to it.
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Yeah. I kind of loved it. But it didn't send me as up the wall as Get Outta My Way. 

I don't get why Kylie isn't more popular in America...

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  1. Oh my Kylie is back with a vengeance yo. Still looks as hot as she did back in the nineties.


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