Monday, October 18, 2010

Being sick is such a miserable affectation.
Math tests about conics are even more miserable.

I missed school today, yeah, because I woke up with a horribly scratchy throat, and quite literally fell back into bed.
It was something...
So now I get to re-take one of my 2 conics tests, yayy....

But anyway. 
Has anyone heard of this new musician, Spark?
I'm starting to really like her, maybe I'll post about her soon.
She's toured with Marina & The Diamonds, and I can kinda see the similarities. 
Here is the hot new remix of her newest single, Revolving by Warrior One. 

Spark's pronounced, strong, young voice glides with some unsure synths and syncopated beats across a valley of "oh"s. It definitely wasn't my favorite remix at first listen but it definitely grew on me. I have a feeling that Spark is going to become pretty huge in the next year or so. 

Well, that's all really.
I'ma go watch the Simpsons and begrudgingly do my physics homework.....


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