Saturday, October 9, 2010

I owe everyone...

A bit of an explanation.

I know it seems that it is becoming a bit of a typicality that I don't post regularly and that I haven't posted a "music to discover" article in a HORRID amount of time.

Let me break this down for you real quick.
1) I've moved since the middle of August. Packing, moving, and un-packing an exorbitant amount of stuff and some animals, takes a hellaton of time.
2) School has since started in the middle of August as well.
So has dance.
Basically, I'm not really a slacker when it comes to academic, and I try extremely hard to maintain my GPA. With dance, between rehearsals, performances, choreographing, and learning new dances every week, I have a lot to handle.

So, my lack of web-presence at this time isn't because a lack of love.
I love blogging.
And I couldn't imagine my current life without writing for Chromatist.
But since I'm the only one who edits, maintains, writes, etc... for Chromatist, it's a heavy duty.

But I'll write some quick stuffs right now.

Ellie Goulding has FINALLY been more thoroughly added to the American iTunes store.

( image from$7049755$300.jpg)

But, I wont be completely satisfied until there is a complete album available. For now though, if you're a fan, be sure to pick the new EP up!

The XX Won the Mercury Prize!
(Image from

Congrats to them!

La Roux decided to re shoot their video for In For The Kill.

(image from

This re-deux is timed with the commercial release of the band's second American single, the video will be officially released at midnight on 10/6/10 in the U.S. and 8 am. 10/7/10 in the U.K. Thursday in both the U.K. and America.

La Roux - In For the Kill

LA ROUX | Myspace Music Videos

It is SOOO different from the original, and the actual song is a little different too.
Regardless it is still an incredibly visually striking video, and I do REALLY like it.

Crystal Fighters' debut album, Star Of Love, has, after long wait has been released as well.

(image from

Be sure to check it out here

Remix Of The Day
Gold Panda- Snow And Taxis (Throwing Snow Remix)
  Gold Panda - Snow and Taxis (Throwing Snow Remix) by Throwing Snow

Hopefully I'm not too rusty at this "musical criticism thing..."
Gold Panda and Throwing Snow are both new musicians to me. This remix though.
Oh man, to me, it's just pure joy. Syncopated, mellow, simple, reflective, relaxing, all I could ask for in a chilled out remix, really. This is the kind of stuff that makes me long for Winter, or even, to be lost in a snow globe surrounded by a million flecks of sequined snow.

The XX - VCR (Four Tet Remix)

I feel like The XX 's creative minimalism is what leads them to be popular prey to many djs.
I simply mean, that The XX 's style causes many an artist to long to remix their music. The recently won, Mercury Prize, I'm sure does not hurt either. This remix though. Augh.
Man, parts of it seem like a meandering work of art, while other parts are your loveable, cool, warehouse rave-beats and melodies. The subtle little toy-piano sounding keys are still evident and seem carefully carved into the songs blissed out state. This remix is as dancey as it is intrinsically beautiful
One of my favorites of this year, really. Even though it is 9 minutes long, oh well, the best things in life are worth waiting for.

 Foals- Miama (Tim Fuchs Ft. Flight Facilities Remix)

Foals + slinky basslines + piano house?
Yes please!
Another rather subtle and subdued remix. Quite lovely though if you give the whole thing a listen. It takes a while for the pianos, beats, and deeeeeeep basslines to kick in, but when they do. Oh damn, it's a thing of beauty. The vocals are a little more washed out in this remix making the entire song a bit more ambiguous and hence, more of a mysterious dance party, alighted only by shadows.

Deadmau5 vs. Cut Copy- Ghosts On Fire (BetatraXx Remix)

It's funny how you never realize how well two songs go together until you actually hear them combined. This is one of those matches made in heaven. Both have very complementary bass rhythms and are incredibly compelling. The vocals of Cut Copy are still preserved and are still just as catchy, drone-y, low, and heartbroken as they originally were but only, they're made even more dance-music-holic friendly by the addition of cult hit, and exorbitantly popular Deadmau5. Do yourself a favor a check it out.

Well. I should go.
I took three days to collectively write this post, so I DO care you guys!
Love y'all

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