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Music To Discover: 53

(Yes, after 2 months of no "Music To Discover" posts, they have returned.)

But first, I want to post this image because I love this painting soooooo much.
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Today's band of feature came to me in a book store.
I simply opened up a magazine (from the U.K., I'm sure) and there they were. 
I liked their style and I figured I'd give them a listen. 
It was kind of surprising and strangely appealing, what I found. 

She Is Danger
(image from

She Is Danger is a London based duo made up of multi-instrumentalist Lena Cullen and producer, dj, spoken word-lady, Maya Jane Coles. The two engineer, produce, and perform all their own music they also create all their own stage props and visuals. The duo have been making waves in the genres of dubstep, urban crossover, and electronic. Their arcane sound is an incredibly dark mixture of dubstep, reggae, spoken word, ska, drum and bass, and trip hop. The duo are planning a debut LP release in 2011 and are currently on tour.
(information from

After listening to, basically, all the songs on She Is Danger's profile, I had a bit of a realization.
Here it goes.
A typical, crowd friendly dance/trance/electro/house track generally consists of.
An extremely catchy, ubiquitous, energetic, danceable beat + a (generally female) singer with a pretty good/unique voice + a positive message.

Who is guilty of this you may ask?
David Guetta, Armand Van Helden, Tiesto, and most recently, Arman Van Buuren 

Hell, even Rihanna has done it.

What I just said, is by no means a criticism. I love this kind of stuff as much as anyone else, I mean, really. It is just, it made me think that She Is Danger really is the counterweight to this typicality. She Is Danger is pretty dark and morbid (and therefore lacks the positive message), She Is Danger is not focused on being a vocal-powerhouse band but rather, they are more poetic, more spoken word, more subdued. Lastly, She Is Danger is kind of dancey, sure, but the beats to most the songs are wobbly, dubsteppy, trip-hop-y, chilled out. 
In other words. She Is Danger really breaks all the rules regarding the typical "women+electronic music" archetype. 

She Is Danger's lyrics sometimes are really chilling and definitely not for everyone. I mean, come on, a song called "Hurt You" isn't going to be happy, no matter what...
At the same time, though, the lyrics are strangely captivating and eerily poetic. Sometimes they are a simple and a little rhyme-y but nonetheless they are still presented in a cool, muted fashion. The lyrics are are like the proverbial drops of rain during a hailstorm of grimey beats. 

(image from

It also makes perfect sense that She Is Danger has a cover of Eurythmic's "Who's That Girl?" because I can see how much She Is Danger is influenced by the Eurythmics/Annie Lennox. Of course, it is difficult to find an electronic band/artist that isn't influenced by Eurythmics but you still get my point. I also feel the same way about She Is Danger as I feel about 90s rap group, Digable Planets. Both take their signature style ( She Is Danger's electronic/dubstep,  Digable Planets' rap/hip-hop) and add a new kind of poetic, artistic twist to it. The resulting sound is something that pleases both the amorous of the respective genre, the tougher to convince critics, and the picky artistic types. 

One could probably make the argument that She Is Danger is the angsty-er, darker Cocorosie. 
She Is Danger are also pretty well versed in the remix realm, remixing the likes of: Groove Armada, Ellie GouldingCrystal Fighters, Gorillaz,  and Delphic.

(Word of advice though. Not all their videos are for everyone, nor are they really family friendly. They're not grotesque, just, sometimes strange, a little out there, a little loopy.)

If you like....
then go ahead and give Dangerous Muse a listen.

Check out their songs.
-Out There Somewhere
-Want You
-Gorillaz- Oh Melancholy Hill (She Is Danger Remix)

Out There Somewhere

Find more artists like She Is Danger at MySpace Music

Gorillaz- Oh Melancholy Hill (She Is Danger Remix)

Remix(es) Of The Day
Zowie- Broken Machine ( Pete Wiggs Remix)

Now, on a completely different note, we have this remix. I have been tempted to do a post on Zowie, but I'm still not sure. Anyway. Zowie is an electronic musician from New Zealand, and she has surely grown a lot via the internet circuit. Zowie is kind of like Ke$ha from New Zealand, just in terms of musical style. Zowie's voice is very electronic and sometimes margins on screeching. This remix though, creates a bouncy-trapped inside of a coffee can with too damn many marbles inside of it- feel. It is very bouncy, yeah, but there are plenty of click, clacks, beeps, and what-nots to create a very young, vivacious sound. Zowie's catchy, sing-song-y, cutes-y lyrics don't hurt either. 

Sleigh Bells- Tell 'Em (Kingdom Remix)

Oh, Sleigh Bells.
Sleigh Bells' debut album, which they released this year, has been considered one of the best this year. But like fine caviar, their music is an acquired taste, that I'm  not even sure I've acquired yet. Regardless. This remix is probably one of the best I've heard this year. It's strangely captivating, with its steel drum beats, lyrical minimalism, heavy, heavy distortion, and hyped up synths. I guess you shouldn't expect anything less from a remix of one of M.I.A.'s prodigies. (This remix is available for download at

I've been thinking about adding another section to Chromatist, entirely devoted to fashion.
I know that seems dumb because it may seem like I have trouble routinely posting for one section, but, hear me out.

Lemme know in the comments!
'til next time!

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