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Music To Discover: 54

White Sea
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White Sea is the solo project of Morgan Kibby who is an American singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles. Morgan Kibby was the former lead singer of the LA indie band The Romanovs and also collaborated with popular, French, shoegaze band M83. Morgan played the keyboard and provided vocals for M83's fifth album Saturdays = Youth and in 2008 toured in Australia, Europe and United States she continued to tour with M83 when they opened for The Killers. Upon her return from the tour she taught herself Pro Tools and then released her debut EP. This Frontier. The name, White Sea, comes from the Celtic origin of Morgan's name, which means "white sea dweller".

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White Sea was just one of those spontaneous discoveries for me.
I was seeing if Urban Outfitters had released anything new in terms of music of late. I then saw that on their Monday 5 free songs playlist they had this band/artist named White Sea.  The site featured a download of the entire This Frontier EP.
I downloaded it on a whim.
Oh damn.
I am so glad I did. 

White Sea, is to me, just, an artistic approach to a typically syndicated and diluted genre of music. If you think "singer-songwriter" what usually comes to mind is the adult contemporary/top forty soft rock type ish. And yeah, sometimes that is fun to listen to, but more often than not, each one of those songs sounds like the others. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of variety in the popular singer-songwriter genre. 

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Morgan Kibby though, is the exact kind of variety/originality people should hear in the singer-songwriter genre. For example, White Sea's most popular song, Ladykiller is easily one of my favorite songs in the past couple months. With heavy, syncopated, dancey, catchy beats the song is irresistible. And it seems that the only instrument used other than percussion instruments (and a little guitar) is Kibby's voice. Morgan seems to use various ooohs, ahhs, asdfjklasgdsssss, etc... to define her music. This heavy reliance on vocals really showcases the artistic prowess and abilities one can unravel through the simplest of means. 

While Ladykiller displays White Sea's more beat heavy, experimental side. Songs like Overdrawn really showcase White Sea's more accessible, mainstream-y side. It is far more upbeat than Ladykiller and way more vocally light. The song is still amazingly catchy and extremely well thought out. The lyrics are light and slightly inspirational. It's a good positive song and really showcases Morgan's charming voice and unique voice.

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Cannibal Love  is a song that is allegedly supposed to sound like a great canyon. To achieve this, Morgan apparently experimented with using her voice as an instrument and layered each vocal on top of one another to create echo-like, canyon-sounding effect. Olijato is an instrumental, dramatic, morose piece. A piece that, seems just wrought with emotion and raw power to it. 

All in all. The This Frontier EP is one of the best of this year, if you ask me. White Sea is an artist and a musician and I really respect her for that. She is definitely an act to be on the lookout for.

If you like...
-The Romanovs
-Electric Sunset

Check out her songs...
-Cannibal Love


Remixes Of The Day
Ellie Goulding- Starry Eyed (Max Vangeli and AN21 Remix)
You all probably know that I love, love, love Ellie Goulding's music. I can't wait for her full album to drop in the U.S. I'm still kicking myself for not buying it when I was in the U.K.. The song Starry Eyed is one of my favorites of this year, for sure. And this remix just turns Starry Eyed into a club-centric, dance-happy party. It's just so lovely. 
The video is still trippy as hell too. 

Bag Raiders- Way Back Home (Harvard Bass Remix)
It's funny to me, because house has become so ubiquitous. You can hear it on the radio, in the clubs, in the grocery store. I love it, but it's a little odd to me. This is one of those melancholia-prone bass heavy-but-the-bridge-is-pretty-minimal bangers. It's the type of thing that I like to hear when it comes to house music. It's damn catchy, and the bass seems like it could smash through titanium. Above that tough bass-heavy beat though, rises a rain cloud filled with all the bleeps and synths you could ask for. 

Although, it seems that she has turned a new leaf.
She is now singing about being a prostitute, being up front, being confident, in control and has clearly shied away from her previous quiet, reflective disposition. She still works the attitude/music quite well, but it's an unexpected twist.
Change is good though. 

It seems that with every passing day, we get closer and closer to a debut album by LCMDF. If you've been with me from the early months of Chromatist, you'll remember LCMDF. If not, Le Corps Mince De Francoise is a wonderful mixture of electronic, post punk, garage pop. They're quite different but quite fabulous.
They've released a new single! 
The new single, Gandhi is a little more Bollywood percussion, but still as out of the box and catchy-crazy.
Definitely worth a download. You can download the track HERE
LCMDF will also be doing a concert in London on the 17th of November. Here is a poster with all the delicious details.

Can't make that date? 
LCMDF  will be playing various venues throughout the U.K.. Check their myspace for more details.

I hope everyone had a lovely Halloween.
I'm quite looking forward to the Day Of The Dead procession here in Tucson.
Despite the fact that I hate Arizona's current political situation....

But anyway.
Last but not least...

So until next time, farewell!

p.s. Hey, Europe, I'ma probably be visiting you again in spring/summer. 
Just sayin'.

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