Saturday, November 20, 2010

Music To Discover: 55

Today's band has hardly anything out.
But what is out by them is EFFING AMAZING.

Strange Talk
(image from

Strange Talk is a simple 4 piece band from Melbourne Australia. Specializing in a specific breed of electro-indie-dance-pop, they're soon to take pop music by storm.  The band formed in February of 2010 and has since drawn comparisons to the likes of Passion Pit, Phoenix, and Cut Copy. Since their formation they've been touring Australia and writing their debut ep. The ep is set to be released by the end of 2010, reportedly. But until then, they're brightening up Kitsune, one of my favorite record labels,  and Kitsune's newest compilation album, Kitsune Maison 10.
(info from

Thank God for Kitsune.
Because if it weren't for them, I wouldn't have discovered this fantastic band a few days ago.

Strange Talk is, like, an accumulation of a few of the best electronic artists that have come out of Australia in the past few years. By no means am I saying that they're unoriginal, I can just hear the influences in their music. Empire Of The Sun, Cut CopyVan She, they all have donated some kind of sound to Strange Talk and the combination of them all is just like asdfghjkl.

Strange Talk kind of has a scant bio floating around the internet, so I can't really say much about the band themselves, so, yeah...
The band's most popular song, though, seems to be Climbing Walls. This is the song that has drawn about 1000 comparisons to band like Phoenix and Passion Pit, but, while I can kind of see this, I disagree. Strange Talk doesn't have the same high-pitched emotion of Phoenix nor the superbly weird style of Passion Pit. Rather. Strange Talk seems to have the 80-s ish vocals of Empire Of The Sun, the synths/keyboards of Cut Copy, the guitars of Van She, and the oooohhs of Klaxons. Oh yeah, and a splash of Mystery Jets.

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Climbing Walls is basically one of  THE dance-punk-electro songs of the year.
Cascading, decadent synths splash against some simple, powerful drum loops and topped off with some light, airy, ooooohhhs.

The other song Strange Talk has become famous for would be Eskimo Boy.
Eskimo Boy is slightly different than Climbing Walls. In that, Eskimo Boy is slightly more muted, more so one of those songs that you hear in the lull of a dance party/rave/whatever. You know? The song is just as ridiculously catchy and dancey as Climbing Walls but it is also incredibly chill, very cool, relaxed. What the song is meant to mean? I haven't a clue. The song is slightly strange as well, it has some incredibly blissed out, shaky, Yeasayer-y synthiness that is absolutely inescapable and divine.

I don't know what it is about Australia. But it so seems that it has an incredible talent of producing these amazing dance-pop-electro-genre buster-bands that are released few and far between but are absolutely MARVELOUS. Hopefully Australia doesn't quit this habit. Strange Talk is going to blow up soon, I can just feel it, so check them out!

If you like...
-Cut Copy
-Mystery Jets
-Empire Of The Sun
then check Strange Talk out!

Check out their songs.
-Climbing Walls
-Eskimo Boy

Climbing Walls

Remix(es) Of The Day
Sunday Girl-Stop Hey (Villa Remix)


So a while back, right?
I believe it was the 31st of October, I listened to the Annie Mac show on BBC Radio 1.
It was there that I heard a snippet of the Villa Remix of Sunday Girl's Stop Hey.
That song stuck with me for an incredible amount of time, because it is so damn good. I've been waiting with bated breath, ever so patiently for this song to show up SOMEWHERE on the internet.

This remix, easily, absolutely one of my favorites for 2010.
It's so disco, it's so lovely, it's so club-friendly. It's just so perfect and dancey and catchy and AUGH.
I can't properly explain my obsession with this mix.
Just listen.

Friendly Fires- Paris (Aeroplane Remix ft. Au Revoir Simone)

This one is a little old but still just as good. Like a discoball that was seen through prism and then conflagrated with a delicate red laser beam.
Fragile, delicate, exorbitant, glassy, smooth, amazing.

The Glass- 4 4 Later (Black Van Remix)

A little bit of Digitalism, I hear in this one. (Nice grammar I know.)
Does this mix sound slightly like Digitalism because they're both from Germany? I don't know.
Not really a generalization I'm in a position to make.
Regardless, this mix is the kind of synth driven, lurk-y vocals, kind of thing that you want to hear in your head when you're walking around some fascinating, slightly shady, beautiful place at 3 in the morning.
Where'd I come up with that? I don't know.
Anyway, yeah. Check it out.


Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1.

I went to the midnight premiere of course.
It was soooooo good. One of my favorites out of the entire series.
And it stayed remarkable true to the book! This movie also got me into crazed-Harry-Potter-fan mode and I'm getting re-obsessed. I can't wait for the second half!
Also, I noticed this little controversy floating around the internet regarding Harry Potter.


On the left, an Alexander McQueen dress from 2008, on the right Fleur Delacour's wedding gown from HP7.
Tough call. Some are saying that the Harry Potter costume designer ripped the design off entirely, others say the dress on the right is the original, and others say it's coincidence.

There you are!
I haven't much else to say.
Yet, though, I'm sure I'll find something later.

Until next time,
Au revoir!

Kylie Minogue has another new video. I don't love it as much as Get Outta My Way.
But still, divaaaaaa.

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