Saturday, December 18, 2010

Break. And my favorite 2K10 albums: 1-24

Which means that I actually have time to blog instead of my vicious cycle of homework-tears-projects-tears-tests-sadness-and final exams.
But I'm sick now... so mehhhh.

But since it's so late in the game, I decided that I actually wanted to do a best of post this year. But a better one than the shitty list-y one I did last year. So yeah. Here it goes!

Keep in mind, I'm not writing these in any particular order as that'd be more time consuming than I'm bargaining for. So, the albums in this order  doesn't mean they're in the order of favoritism.


1) Janelle Monae- The ArchAndroid
-It's basically, really easy for me to say that this is by FAR one of my favorite R&B Albums. Not to mention albums of 2010. Janelle just has this intrinsically marvelous creative style about her. The ArchAndroid worked fabulously not only as a pop or an R&B album, but also as a conceptual album as well as a piece of art. Excellent.

2) Uffie- Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans
-Ohhh God. Before we had Ke$ha, we had Uffie. Uffie's debut has been was so long awaited that most people had given up at the prospect of Uffie even creating her own album. Why by no means is Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans the best album of the year based on quality or lyricism, it is still by far one of the most fun. Not to mention, ADD SUV is one of the hottest tracks of 2010.

3) R O M A N C E- Arikara
-Although Arikara was one of those "Japanese-release only" mini-albums, I still found most of their songs online and listened the hell out of them.  Arikara showed that goth-new wave-alterna-punk is long from dead. R O M A N C E proves that this style of glam-rock is just a gift that keeps on giving. They're debut album is set to be released in 2011 and I pray it's released in the U.S.


4) Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Soundtrack.
-One of my favorite soundtracks from one of my favorite 2010 movies. Perfect for all those garage-rock, lo-fi lovers. And Metric's Black Sheep, 'nuff said.

5) Small Black- New Chain
-On my facebook page I said that Small Black's song Photojournalist is like Animal Collective had a child with The XX. And that's basically Small Black in short. Funny story, I actually started writing a Music to Discover about Small Black but then I didn't have the time. They're debut is basically just some chill-pop deliciousness. 

6) Armin Van Buuren- Mirage
-Deliciousssssss tranceeeee. What's not to like about Armin Van Buuren?


7) Sia- We Are Born.
-Ahhhh, Sia. We Are Born is perhaps one of her pop-iest ventures to date. But still, she continues to mesmerize with her emotional range and her unique voice. You've Changed is one of my favorite songs of the year with it's sunshine-y bounce and sleek bassline. 

8) Crystal Castles- Crystal Castles (II)
-A fantastic sophomore album from one of my favorite bands. Crystal Castles have never been known to be a calm, relaxing band. But, to be honest, their second album is way more relaxed and refined than their debut album. This isn't to say that they've lost their thrash-tronica style and they're still as crazy as ever, but rather, they've perfected their discordian style.

9) Hurts- Happiness
-Hurts, 2010's reboot of Tears For Fears with many many improvements, released their debut album Happiness in September. Happiness was the kind of superbly fashionable, mellow-melancholy-pop the world needed. Happiness, although some moments lack spark and are slightly cliche, is still a beautifully gloomy piece of work.


10) Kylie Minogue- Aphrodite
-asdfghjkl;'. In case you're just tuning in to Chromatist, you should know that I have incredible adoration for Kylie. Basically Aphrodite is the dance floor fire that'll pick you up out of any slump. Aphrodite is about optimism, love, happiness, living vicariously and is just AMAZING. Definitely one of my favorite albums, not only of this year, but of my life.

11) Fan Death- A Coin For The Well E.P.
-You may remember me posting about Fan Death what seems to be forever ago. And this e.p. pretty much made me want a debut album from the Canadian-disco-duo A LOT. A Coin For The Well, I know, is not an album, per se, but it's still good enough to contend with a lot of 2010's other albums.

12) Klaxons- Surfing The Void
-Myths Of The Near Future, Klaxon's debut album, was a 1000 kinds of fantastic. Surfing The Void is far more subdued than its predecessor but nonetheless, Klaxons preserved what makes them Klaxons: jangly guitars, electronic/dance-punk influence, and vocal extremism. Also, best album cover of the year.


13) Two Door Cinema Club- Tourist History
-If you took Bloc Party, smashed them with Phoenix and then put them in Ireland, you'd have Two Door Cinema Club. With androgynous vocals, catchy beats and guitars, and infectious lyrics, Two Door Cinema Club  easily prepared one of the best debuts of the year. I'm so glad I picked this one up in London before it was released Stateside.

14) Marina & The Diamonds- The Family Jewels
-I never thought I'd like an album that rhymes every song as much as I like this one. This album, is like I said, full of rhymes, sadness, joy, social commentary, and Marina Diamandis' sparkling, unique voice. Her song Obsessions has gotten me through some times this year and her Lichtenstein-y video for Oh No! is by far one of my 2K10 favorites.

15) Chew Lips- Unicorn
-Unlike Two Door Cinema Club or Marina & The Diamonds, I was stupid and forgot to pick this one up in London. *facepalm*. Nonetheless, I bought it online and fell completely in love with it. Tigs' vocals are as sharp as they are powerful and compelling. Chew Lips makes the kind of music that would appear on Skins and even past that, Unicorn is just fascinatingly beautiful.


16) Fenech-Soler- Fenech-Soler
-There is no doubt that Fenech-Soler made some of the best remixes of this year. So when they dropped their debut album, no one was surprised when it was fantastic. Fenech-Soler is an album that is dripping with electronic gems and is a delicious debut. This album is just as danceable as it is club-kid-fashionable.

17) Sleigh Bells- Treats
-M.I.A. finds such good artists. Damn, I remember to A/B Machines when M.I.A. posted them on her website and thinking "damn, this is good".  Sleigh Bells have been praised for their semi-chaotic, super-loud style. And yeah, they sound like super acidic cheerleader rants. It's catchy, yeah, but for the longest time I found Sleigh Bells incredibly hard to get in to/inaccessible. But once you start liking them, you REALLY like them. Treats is a fantastic debut.

18) Kele- The Boxer
-Bloc Party's frontman started an individual project and surprise, does dance music now! I can't say as that came as a surprise at all, really, considering, Bloc Party's musical progression, with each album, moved more towards electronic/dance. The Boxer though, is full of formulaic danceable songs, and although it's a little cookie cutter dance, it's still worth listening to over and over and over for Kele's unique style, the emotions, and the sheer likability of the album.


19) Delphic- Acolyte
-Kinda old-school Klaxons, kinda Cut Copy, kinda Van She. 100% amazing. Acolyte's crooner Halcyon  is by far one of the best singles of 2010, and I've listened to it too many times to count

20) M.I.A.- /\/\ /\ Y/\ (Maya)
-The last time we heard from M.I.A. she was snatching up nominations for pretty much every award ever. Her most recent album, Maya, sounds most like her debut album Arular. Maya is filled with carefully disguised political commentary. M.I.A. seems pretty angry at the U.S., England, Google, the world, throughout the album. All this is drenched in heavy beats and classic-M.I.A. style. So good.

21) Robyn- Body Talk
-So, Robyn came out with what, 3?, 4? albums this year? 4 is indeed the number. I'm going to talk mostly about the 4th album as it is the album that has most the songs from the mini-albums before it. Body Talk is a fantastic piece of electro-dance. More so, Body Talk also has full spectrum of emotions from "don't fucking tell me what to do" to "I'm gonna love you like I'm indestructible" to "call your girlfriend", it has a song for practically each emotion. One of the best pop albums this year and by far Robyn's greatest piece of work.


22) Jónsi-Go
It's Jónsi, come on, you know it's great. 

23) Class Actress- Journal Of Ardency E.P.
-I feature Class Actress quite a while back. I don't really know how to explain the e.p. in just words. Journal of Ardency is the kind of slightly ominous yet, captivatingly beautiful, yet extremely cool and collected music you want to hear when you're just chillin' in some slightly shady part of town. This e.p. is marvelous and worth listening to on end.

24) Katie Melua- The House
-Katie Melua is typically jazz-y. But The House is more on the pop-side of her spectrum.
She's kind of like if you took a little piece of Gaga (in terms of style) and a little piece of Regina Spektor and a little piece of something else I can't determine. She's a total crooner and created my favorite "adult-contemporary" album of this year. Fantastic artst album. 

And I'ma stop there. 
I have about 23-25 more albums to post about, but I'm tired and ill and have to clean my house for guests. 

So in the next few days, I'll finish the list and then I'll post all my favorite 2010 remixes! 
Until then,

This is fascinating.
I love seeing how things in the studio operate, between artists. It seems like such an interesting process. 
But more specifically, who doesn't love Miike Snow? or Mark Ronson? or Depeche Mode remixes? or all of them together?
Check it out.
Also, if you liked that, be sure to check out the other videos, like this one, here

I wish I was in London so I could go to this show.
I'm not in to ALL of the artists but collectively, it looks crazy awesome.

Friday December 31st
Pariah Dj
Girl Unit Dj
No Pain In Pop Djs
Fuck The White Board Djs
Skill Wizard Dj
A Rebours Djs
Cool For Cats Dj
Friends of Ahab Dj
(Click for larger poster)


  1. I like your list! Well written, and interesting!
    Kinda bummed to see The Suburbs so low (it's my number one), but hey we all have opinions.
    A few you should definitely check out (from my top 10)- High Violet (The National), Age of Adz/All Delighted People EP (Sufjan Stevens), Teen Dream (Beach House).
    This gave me some good looking stuff to check out though. Thanks!

  2. Thanks man!

    And don't worry about The Suburbs, I didn't write the list in order of favoritism, it's entirely random.
    Thanks for the input as well! The only album I haven't listened to a lot out of those three would be High Violet, but I'll give it another go.


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