Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Favorites of 2010 #25-49

I'm just gonna keep going straight down the list.
Remember, these aren't in order of favoritism, the order is completely random.

25) MNDR- E.P.E-E.P
-If you're in the mood for some pretty incredibly-forward thinking pop music. MNDR will surely be your fix. MNDR is a duo that I almost did a Music To Discover post about, but, I just didn't.... But no matter what, the E.P.E-E.P is one of my favorite electro-pop E.Ps from 2K10. With it's spiraling energy and it's incredibly danceable yet well thought out rhythms and melodies, it's practically irresistible.

26) The Drums- The Drums
-It seems that, to the U.K., The Drums were easily the most exciting act to come out of the States in basically forever. The Drums easily resurrected the genre of lo-fi surf-rock and created a new, horribly catchy, and insatiably palatable genre of this rock-surf-retro-something-or-other. Their debut is one of my favorites of 2010, for sure. Although, I can't say it's my favorite album of the year. Regardless, I'm excited for what's to come from The Drums.

27) Neon Trees- Habits
-When I was on the train from London to St.Andrews, Scotland, this past March, I went online and checked on iTunes to see what the free single of the week was. I saw that it was Neon Trees' Animal. I liked what I heard, so I downloaded it. I forgot I owned the song, later heard it on a commercial and became obsessed with it. That's just kind of how Neon Trees are, a sort of band that's just a giant sleeper hit. Neon Trees' Habits became incredibly mainstream, somehow, but nonetheless, Habits is a catchy-as-hell pop-punk album. Definitely worth listening to over and over.


28) Goldfrapp- Head First
-asdfghjkl;'. Some delicious, AMAZING, synthpop right here. Basically, Goldfrapp created an incredibly piece of work by stitching her smooth/wispy voice, compelling melodies, and slink-y beats. Head First's song Believer has been nominated for a Grammy, and I mean, why shouldn't it? Who doesn't love Goldfrapp?

29) Kate Nash- My Best Friend Is You
-If you know me personally, you know that I am a HUGE Kate Nash fan. Nash's sophomore album My Best Friend Is You stays true to Nash's style and sound, but to me, it falls short of the spectacular-ness of her first album, Made Of Bricks. Nash's forerunning single for My Best Friend Is You, Do-Wah-Doo basically made me have a coronary upon release. So if that's not telling enough of how much I like Kate Nash, I don't know what is. My Best Friend Is You is a fabulous album, with a more indie-feel. Kate Nash is just as charming and catchy as ever. Lovely album.

30) Kelis- Flesh Tone
-asdfjkl;' Another album I pretty much died over. Kelis is probably best known as "that one chick who made that song about milkshakes". And that is incredibly disappointing. Flesh Tone is the tell-all statement that properly explains that Kelis is an electro-dance diva. Yeah, her R&B/Rap stint was a good one, but dance music is where she belongs. Flesh Tone is full of floor fillers and dance-ballads, Flesh Tone, is also one of the happiest albums I've heard in a long time. Kelis obviously put a lot of positivity into her work and it shows marvelously. One of the best of 2010 in my opinion, I don't know why this one got snubbed by the Grammy noms.


31) Best Coast- Crazy For You
-Ahhh, Best Coast. I won't lie. I didn't like Best Coast upon first listen. But then, after each listen, I began to like Crazy For You more and more. Lo-fi hipster-California kids will love this album, and although it's not my favoritest album ever, I still appreciate the laid back and somewhat haunting melodies of the album.

32) Foals- Total Life Forever
-Foals, the math-rock favorite, who with their unique take on electronic music and emphasis on creating soundscapes, didn't fail their fans with their second album. They're still as indie as ever but, with Total Life Forever, they seem far more melancholy than they were on Antidotes. A+ album.

33) New Young Pony Club- The Optimist
- This album feels like it was a million years coming. I can explain how good it is in a few words: slinky, sexy, dancey, fun, music for cool kids, so, damn, good.

34) Scissor Sisters- Night Work
-Without a doubt, Scissor Sisters is one of my greatest guilty pleasures. Night Work is filled with innuendos, camp, hilarity, and just genuine fun. Not to mention. The ballad, Fire With Fire, is one of my favorite singles of the year, it's just so uplifting. Night Work is not only a great album, but also a piece of danceable comedy. I love Scissor Sisters, there, I said it.

35) Arcade Fire- The Suburbs
-I think it's fair to say that this was 2010's most anticipated album. It's gold.
It's haunting, it's relaxed, it's chill, it's a fantasticly-subdued journey through, well, the suburbs. It's impossible to hate a masterpiece this relatable. The Suburbs is absolutely worthy of it's Album of The Year nomination at the Grammys.

36) Ellie Goulding- Bright Lights
-Yeah, it's a re-release. It's an incredible album with the new-er tracks added to it. And the cover of Your Song?
lajkfhsdgl;kaenv;ioasfr Fabulous.

37) I Blame Coco- The Constant
-It's funny how, in many respects, you can tell that Coco Sumner is related to Sting.
But anyway... The Constant is a powerful debut for the budding pop-starlet. I Blame Coco crafted a unique album, that, because of her collaborations, her unique voice, and her hybrid style of a slightly electronic persuasion and classic rock, packs a powerful punch.

39)Ou Est Le Swimming Pool- The Golden Year
-It was an incredibly sad moment, when word that Ou Est Le Swimming Pool's lead singer Charles Haddon committed suicide in August. R.I.P.
Their debut album is an incredible testament to 80s synthpop. The Golden Year is a wonderful album, and hopefully, the band can get it's time in the sun it so deserves.

40) CocoRosie- Grey Oceans
-CocoRosie is probably one of the weirdest bands I've ever heard. And I mean that in the best way possible. CocoRosie's most recent album Grey Oceans is probably their clearest and brightest piece of work yet. There is hardly the same amount of distortion on Grey Oceans than on previous albums and yet, the haunting, wispy, lo-fi style, everyone loves CocoRosie. Grey Oceans is incredibly cool and laced with melancholia, perfect for those rainy days.

41) Gorillaz- Plastic Beach
-Gorillaz was one of the first bands I ever got really in to. And that was back a while ago. So, I was pretty excited about Plastic Beach. Plastic Beach is an interesting romp through more pop-y waters than Gorillaz typically venture through. Regardless of the experimentation with more pop-styles, it was still lovely to hear this album playing in H&M in London.

42) Cee Lo Green- The Lady Killer
-Fuck You- amazing song. 'nuff said.

43) White Sea- This Frontier E.P.
-If you don't recall my raving over White Sea, you can see it White Sea. I'll stick to what I said. The This Frontier E.P. is wonderfully artistic, uniquely crafted, and a statement of stark uniqueness. A wonderful portmanteau of artist and musician.

44) Shakira- Sale el Sol
-If Shakira's cover of the XX's Islands isn't a good enough reason to love the entire album, I don't know what is. Personally, I've always preferred to listen to Shakira in spanish, she just sounds much more natural, less forced. So, when I caught wind of a "spanglish" album coming out, I got really excited. Sale el Sol doesn't disappoint, it has everything from the sad, heartbroken songs to the incredibly dancey and energetic songs like Rabiosa. Sale el Sol is, to say the least, a thoroughly fun listen.

45) Kanye West- My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
-Kanye is still one of my favorite rappers. Even after all that Taylor Swift drama and his various acts of egotistical douchiness, he still remains one of my favorites. I will say though, that his album 808s and Heartbreak, was kind of a flop. I understand he was working on trying different styles, but I don't feel he was too successful in his attempt. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy though, is the perfect example of how good Kanye is at being an in your face, undeniably good rapper.

46) Yeasayer- Odd Blood

47) Nicki Minaj- Pink Friday
-Lets face it. Nicki Minaj is basically the Lady Gaga of hip-hop. She's weird as hell, has a upfront, powerful sexuality, and is very, very good at what she does. I love her, she's awesome. Her album? Many said that it wasn't as good as it was hyped, but I disagree. Despite the fact that Pink Friday is incredibly pop-y, it's still a strong debut from one of the fiercest upcoming rappers in the game.

48) War Paint- The Fool
-Ostentatiously chill-wave, cool, dream like. The Fool is perfectly fragile.

49) Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros- Up From Below
-Folk is cool again.
Does anyone else hear a little bit of Tunng in Edward Sharpe?

I know 49 is an awkward number to end on, but if I included any more, I'd be lying.
Although, there was an amazing amount of excellent music put out in 2010. It was extremely difficult for me to narrow my list down to a smaller number.

I'll probably post my favorite 2010 remixes tomorrow, or sometime 'round then, so keep an eye out!

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