Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gaga, Spears, Skins, Remix.

So some big things happened this past week or so in the music realm.

The world got another sneak peak of Gaga's new album, Born This Way. Scheiße, was remixed for a Mugler fashion show in Paris. Which, the video for is kind of off the wall amazing-sauce on its own.

But basically.
The remix made me lose my mind. No, it isn't really the best remix I've ever heard, but it's mostly just the pure ferocity that drips from it and the fact that it offers a bit more of a look into  Born This Way. Scheiße, the remix, is obviously built for a runway, with heavily fashionable pulsating and grainy bass, light, colorful synths, and Gaga's inherently fashionable vocals.

I heard Britney Spears' new song this week.
Eighh... I have mixed feelings, pretty much.
It's very obvious that Britney is trying really, really hard to stay relevant in the music industry. This time, she tried to do that by completely buying into the trend spreading swiftly and constantly into American radio, dub/dubstep/house. And while this foray into this genre of electronic music isn't necessary terrible, it just sounds awfully forced, insincere, and just really doesn't work with Britney's vocals and cliche, joke-y lyrics.
Hold It Against Me, is hardly the worst song I've ever heard, but, if I wanted to hear a song that revolves around a single out-dated pick-up-line, I'd listen to something else.

Although I feel like I've mentioned this a million times before  it's still strange to me how dubstep made it's way, if only kind of, onto American radio. (Mike Posner, I'm looking at you.) Despite this though, I've heard little, if any, mind-blowing American dubstep.

Speaking of terrible attempted American recreations....

(image from

I knew it. American Skins was basically the worst tv adaptation/remake I've ever had the misfortune of seeing. Just, how dumb, two-dimensional, un-interesting, and poorly acted the characters were was enough to want to throw myself off a bridge. Not to mention, how the plot has been changed and the substitution of some of the characters.
So much freaking fail in MTV's Skins.
It's getting panned by critics though and has been called the "most dangerous tv show for children, ever" by some super-crazed crazies. This show just DOESN'T WORK IN AMERICA. I honestly hope the American version gets cancelled that way I don't hear about people "loving MTV's Skins" when I really know it's the biggest disappointment in tv in 2011. Hipster complex, "I liked it before it was cool"/"the original version was so much better" is 1000000% kicking in for me.

Remix Of The Day
Senor Stereo- I Am The Beat (Treasure Fingers Remix)

I needed some new 90s-y dance music. Everyone needs some new 90s-y dance music.
Simple, pure, and fun to listen to.

See you all next week!

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