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Music To Discover: 56

Oh Land
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Finding a way to smoothly combine a cinematic style and an electropop attitude, Denmark's Oh Land is setting herself up to be a heavy hitter for 2011. Her mother was an opera singer, her father a theater organist. This combined with her obsession with Bjork's album Homogenic, she was exposed to a remarkable combination of both extremely experimental and classical musical styles. Originally a dancer, she suffered a foot injury and then turned to her true passion, music. She was later discovered by Kasper Bjorke and she released her first album, Fauna, in 2008. Fauna received great critical acclaim in Denmark. With captivating soundscapes and compelling danceable persuasion, Oh Land was discovered at SXSW and is currently prepping her U.S. debut, hopefully releasing sometime this year.
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In many respects, Oh Land is a bit of a re-boot to Bjork.
Although, it'd be fair to say that Oh Land is about 1000 times more accessible to most people than Bjork is. Basically, my point is that Oh Land is very easily influenced by Bjork.

I will say though, how I discovered Oh Land is kind of an embarrassing story. I was on facebook around the week before Christmas and an ad popped up in the side bar claiming that Oh Land was similar to some band I'm a fan of on facebook. I took the bait, watched the video for Son Of A Gun and was hooked at first listen, I became a fan and then downloaded Son Of A Gun  for free. Humorously, I also saw the music video for Sun Of A Gun on New Years, soon after the ball in NYC dropped. 
From then, I've slowly discovered more and more music by Oh Land and have been wondering why I haven't known about her longer than I have. 

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Oh Land is devilishly creative, blending a kind of discordian musicality with her chameleon like voice. By chameleon like, I mean, she can move from a kind of pop-y lightness to a more R&B style to more operatic and melancholy feelings. Meaning, that each song Oh Land creates is an individual piece of art, no two really alike. 

The song Heavy Eyes sounds like if Beyonce and Bjork had a radio lovechild (Beyork?). What with heavy percussive elements reminiscent of the Diplo remix of Bjork's own Earth Intruders, questioning piano, and salacious lyrics. 

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Sun Of A Gun, the first song by Oh Land I ever heard is an undeniably dancey pop-gem. Percussion in Sun Of A Gun is half defined by the cooing and sharp shouts of Oh Land herself. One also can't discount the raw infectiousness of Sun Of A Gun which has easily been caught in the web of my mind many a time. 

White Nights is childishly playful. With pure joy just bounding out of the melodies of the song. Behind that though, lies a calmly-said layer of thoughtful lyrics and acute italo-disco synths. 

It would be a stark lie to say that Oh Land isn't going explode. The shear star power that Oh Land has in every song, in every melody and lyric is palpable. I can't wait to see how fair this lady goes. Also. Her artistic and legitimately unconventional style pretty much adds 14364 awesome points.

If you like...
-Hoodie Allen 
-When Saints Go Machine
-The Knocks
-Dirty Gold
then give Oh Land a listen!

Check out her songs
-Heavy Eyes
-Sun Of A Gun
-White Nights
-Wolf & I

Heavy Eyes

Remix(es) Of The Day

M.I.A- Internet Connect (Flux Pavilion Remix)
-So, in short. This is kind of some waterlogged-atari hardcore ish right here.
Internet Connection isn't really my favorite song from M.I.A's most recent album, Maya, but this remix is completely brilliant. Cooly robotic and suprisingly danceable, this remix is some kind of amazing. 

Oh Land- White Nights (Twin Shadow Remix)
While we're still on the subject of Oh Land.
I figure it'd be appropriate to feature one of the best remixes I've heard of her work. This remix begins as a kind of mish-mash-y mix sounding like it's the beginning to The White Stripe's Conquest, or something. Soon, though, one can hear the slightly distorted voice of Oh Land, as if she were veiled in smoke, after that, a glittery 80s beat kicks in and the whole mix because encapsulated in a mirror-ball. 

Yelle has released a second new song. 

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The first was La Musique, which I liked, but I didn't love it.
The second release holds the same title as the new album, Safari Disco Club.
Yeah, it's 3 minutes 34 seconds of ridiculousness, in French, mind you, but it's so very Yelle. It's quite cheery, but, it also lends a thought to the theory that Yelle's sophomore album is slightly more melancholy. Also, it's probably fair to say that Yelle has moved a bit further away from tecktonik style music, perhaps to avoid claims of Yelle being a one note.
Well. Yelle is anything but a one-note. I love this song and am dying to hear more from the second album.

-Ladytron also have a new e.p. out. Check it out, fo sho.
-Jessie J also seems to be picking up speed, I told you guys she would explode this year.

On a more serious note.
The tragedy that happened only this past tragedy in the town I live, Tucson Arizona is still something that I cannot even believe happened. The gravity of everything and what happened is just so thoroughly disgusting and characteristic of only the foulest human being. My heart is with those recovering, their families, and the families of those lost. I can only hope that my town, my country, and my world can learn from this atrocity and that we all, as a community, can strive for a more peaceful existence.

Much love, everyone.
Au revoir.

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