Friday, February 25, 2011

'Tis the Closing of February.

I don't have another Music To Discover post, at the moment. But I'll just share some remixes I'm loving at the moment.

Hussle Club- Loose Tights (Flinch Remix)

Hussle Club, which I've heard little of, is the darkwave, slightly anachronistic group fronted by Prince Terrance who is most notably known as the genius behind Santogold's and Major Lazer's drum kits. And with that kind of background you probably already have some ideas in your head. The vocals sound quite a lot like what you'd expect from a British band from 1980, with a sense of 70s style vocals, but 80s style melodrama and emotion. As a remix though, the song is misshapen blast of laminar bass. It's hard, it's screeching and when listened to loudly, sounds quite a lot like taking a ride through a screeching blender would sound. So in other words, it's awesome. (Available at

Lykke Li- Paris Blue (Death To The Throne Remix)

It was quite a while back that I mentioned Death To The Throne. I believe the last time was when they  did a remix of the XX's Shelter which was an absolute chunk of amazing. But this time we have Lykke Li who is gathering all sorts of attention for her next album, with practically each single and released song becoming a critical and viral sensation. I'm not exception, I'm hella excited. This mix is, though, enough to tide me over for a bit longer. Death To The Throne has abandoned that dancier, more clean style from the remix of Shelter, to take on a far more grungy and dub-y sound. This mix begins somewhat quietly and then expands into a metallic, angular balloon, and then finally explodes with a burst of cutting grime. Incredibly fast paced and intense, it's not a remix for one looking for a song featuring Lykke Li's light vocals. They can still be found, but barely re-surfacing from the catching audio purgatory.

Now for something on the complete opposite side of the spectrum

The Drums- Me And The Moon (Clock Opera Remix)

Clock Opera has this talent of taking songs, taking pieces of them out, and turning them into a brilliant, beautiful mish-mash of psychobabble. As a collage of syllables and sounds, the auditory experience is always a delightful one but, I can't help but always feel that many of the remixes by Clock Opera come off as sad, or melancholy. Perhaps though, that is for the better, as a "happy" Clock Opera just sounds like a weird oxymoron. Tis a captivating remix, very relaxed, very pensive, almost glistening. Give it a listen!

Other news:
-Ellie Goulding's full length album will FINALLY be released on March 8th.
-6 tracks from Lady Gaga's sophomore album, Born This Way, have been previewed
-Foals' next album is allegedly going to be "filthy".

Quick question.
I'm planning on making to trip to London (and perhaps other parts of England), Paris, and San Francisco with my boyfriend this summer. So. My question to all my lovely readers is: are there any places, shops, venues, gigs, festivals, restaurants, museums, ANYTHING, that you recommend to a fashion inclined, music blogger such as myself? Lemme know either here in the comments, at the Chromatist email ( ) , the Chromatist Facebook page, or my Twitter. I'd really love to see what all you guys have to say.

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