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Interview #3 and Some Weekend Remixes.

Hello everybody!
Sorry for the mega-absentee behavior. I've fallen ill again and been super super busy with school, school performances, and tests (UGH SAT).

But enough of that.

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I was lucky enough to get to interview Chew Lips this time around. And, as you may remember, I posted about them in January of 2010. So if you want the full bio on them, go here. But, in short;Chew Lips is a dance-punk-pop-verydifficulttodescribeintermsofgenre band. Fronted by Tigs, since their beginnings in 2008, the band has been tearing it up in festival circuits and winning accolades as a band to look out for in 2010. Thoroughly evocative and clever, the bands music is not only a mesmerizing experience to listen to, but it also is quite the artistic experience.

Chromatist: Hello Chew Lips! How have things been going lately, what’ve you been up to?
Chew Lips: Hiya. good thank you, we have been locked away rehearsing the new live show. Lots of songs from the forthcoming record and songs from Unicorn too, all done totally live and with a new drummer!

C: What are you listening to right now?
CL: Twin Shadow, Twin Shadow, Twin Shadow. Panda Bear.and El Guincho, what an incredible record Pop Negro is, these are just my (Tigs) choices by the way, not james. Oh, and Rihanna.

C: Would you say that your musical style or lyricism has developed since forming?
CL: Well yeah it develops all the time. When we formed we didn’t know what we wanted to be, so we had to develop into that. Now we're moving forward again for our second record. You couldn;t stay the same if you tried, you change as people, but i guess some people manage to.

C: Have you always been drawn to music as a go-to career? Or have other things interested you in the past?
CL: I wanted to be a poet. I never wanted to do music before I was suddenly doing it. I think James wanted to do something to do with history.

C: Do you keep specific messages, or ideas that can be conveyed, in mind, during the creative or writing process?
CL: Not exactly, but there is a general mood throughout the writing of an album, even if the mood from one day to the next changes. When you’re halfway through writing, you start to see the theme that links it all together.

C:Personally speaking, I’ve noticed that you have a kind of subdued, melancholy, dance sound to your music, I absolutely love it but can you elaborate on this?
CL:  I dont think theres anything melancholy about our music. I think its evocative and nostalgic lyrically, but I think that allows people to apply their own set of emotions to it. Perhaps gold key is more sombre, but i dont think any of the songs are melancholy.

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C: Tigs, you seem to have a slightly androgynous sense of style, is this influenced by anything or anyone?
CL: I’ve had some quite bizarre haircuts, and I generally like my hair short, but I don’t dress too boyish. I’m becoming more feminine as i grow up. But i think androgyny is brilliant, and admire people who get it right - only on beautiful girls though, it just doesn’t work if you’re ugly.

C: Is there any place you like to go to find inspiration for music? Any eccentric places in particular?
CL: I love walking around Paris and stopping for coffee and writing. I just moved there. It sounds like a cliche but it’s pure heaven.

C: What can fans look forward to in your sophomore album?
CL: It’s like very nasty, very minimal r n b music with really pop melodies. It still sounds like chew lips. We've worked our arses off.

C: Do you have any necessities that you must have on tour?
CL: Collectively - fake moustaches, running shoes, rooibus tea, BOOKS, weed.

C: Can American expect to see a full-length release or tour sometime in the near future?
CL: We definitely plan to put this record out in America, no question. We'd LOVE to tour there, we love to release, it’s just about timing.

C: Any parting words?
CL: Rock out with your cock out.

C:Thank you so much Chew Lips for your time! Best wishes to you!
CL: Thank you. Sorry for the delay, just rehearsing really hard, its taking up all of our time.  x

Once again, thank you so much to Chew Lips for taking the time to answer my questions, much love to them! And be sure to catch them on one of their many upcoming European tour dates!

Remix(es) Of The Day

Torro Torro- Blue Blouse (Zombies For Money Remix)

Slightly awkward video is slightly awkward.
Anyway this mix. Is kind of difficult for me to describe. It's one of those things where you know you  have heard something similar before but you can't exactly name what it is you've heard. Regardless, the mix is creatively monosyllabic and tastefully syncopated. As a remix, it's incredibly danceable and fit for the dance floor. A rather casual but wonderfully energetic mix.

Jamie XX- Far Nearer (Ollie McFarlane Bootleg)

Not to get all vocal-spliced syllable-mix on y'all but I couldn't help but feature this mix. Jamie XX, of the XX, if not painfully obvious, has his own collab/solo album out now. It's pretty relaxed and chill and a fantastic album, but, I'm afraid it falls into more of a niche category and is marginally difficult for some to  get it too but, alas. This mix is bouncy and slightly different than what you'd expect from someone like Jamie XX. Ollie McFarlane (a Bristol native) made the mix incredibly energetic and effervescent. The originally sounds quite similar to the mix, but Ollie really captured and concentrated that fun, slightly tropical feel of the song. One of my favorites of the year.

Cerebral Vortex- Fly By Night (Designer Drugs Remix)

I actually just purchased the Designer Drugs album recently and on my Twitter I mentioned that it's "the illness".
Which it is.
This mix is a perfect synthesis of both slick rhymes and incredibly danceable ominous beat. Slightly sinister, the mix remains a fantastic one. Check it out. 

In other news.

-Egyptrixx's debut album came out this week
-Oh Land's new album is debuting tomorrow, March 15th.

It would mean everything to me if anyone could donate to these charities. The proceeds go straight to help those in need in Japan from the recent quake/tsunami. I personally know some affected by this tragedy and every cent helps.
For the U.K:   donate here.
For the U.S: donate here.
For Australia: donate here.
For Japan: donate here.
Europe: donate here.
For Canada: donate here.

I don't quite have the time to list all possible charities, so, I'm sorry if I failed to mention your country, but for more information, check your national Red Cross organization. 

I hope you all are safe.
Much love.

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