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Music To Discover: 58

Niki And The Dove
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Not to sound like a conspiracy theorist or something but it so seems that each band I've discovered that goes by "_______ and the _____" turns out to be fantastic in some way. Niki And The Dove is no exception to this.  Malin Dahlström was inspired after writing music for theater productions and performing as a vocalist to form her own band. Forming in Stockholm, Malin teamed with Gustaf Karlöf in February of 2010 and the duo have formed a stable, powerful sound that can only be described as an amalgamous mix of electro, goth pop, and crooning vocals (of which have earned comparisons to The Knife and Bjork).  Having gained countless bits of positive praise and reception, the band has only released one single, DJ Ease My Mind, on the UK's independent label Moshi Moshi. Dubbed one of the acts to look out for this year by many, the band has not only defined itself by their bright yet somewhat subsersive nature but also by their theater-inspired and heavily involved live performances. 
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Niki & The Dove has been on my list of musicians to feature for a while now. Ever since I saw their video for Under The Bridge, I've watched Niki & The Dove since then but just haven't gotten to featuring their work. 

Saying that Niki & The Dove isn't somehow influenced by The Knife of Bjork  would be some kind of thorough, blatantly wrong, misconception. If you love The Knife and Bjork, it would seem evident that you would, too, like Niki & The Dove. While this is true, Niki & The Dove embraces this kind of modern-club-kid-eccentricity that neither The Knife or Bjork have broken in to. (I may get some shit for saying that, but, hey we're all allowed our opinions). DJ Ease My Mind is clearly the most obvious example of this. The song opens slowly, with ambient, environmental synth textures and Malin's crooning emotional voice. As it progressives, more percussion is including, creating a riotous sculpture, pulsating with heavy bass. The chorus is a cry out for help, a swan-song if you will, arcanely beautiful, yet laced tragedy and longing. All the while, you can't help but dance to this unfolding lamentation.

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While The Knife easily tapped into the chilled out electro scene, the stylishness of many of their songs took the forefront. No, I am not saying The Knife lacks content, I absolutely adore The Knife, I would just like to point out that Niki & The Dove differs in that Niki & The Dove is a sonic lamentation and and outpouring of emotion. 

Niki & The Dove transmits this heavy emotion not only through vocals but also in the lyricism of many of their songs. Often crafted with earthen and somewhat pagan imagery, the lyrics are just as longing as the vocals and seem to be searching for something that can't be found in the tangible world. Simultaneously, their lyrics encapsulate a kind of reminiscence of a fleeting memory, or a defiant bought of frustration. Either way, Niki & The Dove have clearly earned their place in the contemporary lyrical scene.

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Niki & The Dove are definitely an artist that you should be on the look out for.
With their stylish and sombre take on electro pop, it won't be long until their sound is inescapable.

If you like...
-The Knife
-Little Dragon
-Rebecca & Fiona
-Adrian Lux
then give Niki & The Dove a listen!

Check out their songs...
-DJ Ease My Mind
-Mother Protect
-Under The Bridges

Remix(es) Of The Day

Sunday Girl Vs. Everything Everything- Photoshop Handsome

I'm a little late on this one, but whatever.
You all know I'm a big fan of Sunday Girl and I've been a sort of secretive fan of Everything Everything for a while too. This mix, mashup, portmanteau of songs is one that's incredibly fitting for Sunday Girl. The lyrics sounds very much like her type of thing and her style is palpable in the song. As far as the rest of the track goes, I'd classify it as minimal discotronic. It's danceable to a degree but also a perfectly relaxed song. Give it a listen.

Crystal Fighters- At Home (Pony Pony Run Run remix)

Way back when, Crystal Fighters did a remix of Pony Pony Run Run's song, Hey You. It was a wonderful mix and it is clear that Pony Pony Run Run has returned the favor.
And lately it has seemed that Crystal Fighters have reached a new level of commercial and critical success, with blazing remixes coming out by the minute, this is definitely one of the stand outs. Incredibly buoyant, synths sparkle across a collective chanting vocal track. Together, the lighthearted yet slightly distorted electronic whirs and the vocals create a whimsical, refreshing remix.

Alpines- Drive (Youth Kills Remix)

I'm unfamiliar with Alpines and I'm unfamiliar with Youth Kills.
This mix though, is so primal and strangely spiritual that I don't quite know where to begin. With powerful vocals and intense percussion, I'm highly compelled to like it. Pay it a listen. 

I'm absolutely obsessed with Austra right now.
I'm planning a "Music To Discover" about them sometime in the near future.

That's all for now.
On saturday, I'm going up to Phoenix to see Lady Gaga in concert again.
I'm super excited, of course and I'll post a picture of my outfit on friday or something.

I love you all!
Au revoir.

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