Thursday, March 17, 2011

What I'm Listening To

I figured I'd do this right now, seeing as someone may want to know what I'm listening to/recommending right now.

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Lupe Fiasco: Lasers
Download: I Don't Wanna Care Right Now, Beautiful Lasers, The Show Goes On
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Download: Lights, Salt Skin, Your Song

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Designer Drugs: Hardcore/Softcore
Download: Drop Down, Crazy For You, Face Melter, Riot

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Oh Land: Oh Land
Download: Sun Of A Gun, White Nights, Wolf & I, Voodoo

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Beth Ditto: Beth Ditto E.P.
Download: All of it. Do yourself a favor and get the whole thing.

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Egyptrixx: Bible Eyes
Download: Chrysalis (Feat. Trust), Liberation Front, Bible Eyes

Also. I realized how purely amazing the Jamie XX remix of Adele's Rolling In The Deep Is.
I've always liked it.
But it wasn't until now that I really just fell in love with it. 
Yeah, Adele 'fans' really hate on this mix because it distorts the vocals. But. I don't really see that as a representation of Jamie XX's intention. Rather, I see this song as a completely separate entity from the original and they are both pure brilliance. 

On one final note.
I can't get over this choreography. And of course, I've always been a fan of Amanda Blank.

Lastly and once again, don't forget to donate anything you can to help Japan.
There are some ways you can help here.

Hope you are all safe, 
Much love, 

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