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Music To Discover: 59

Trippple Nippples
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Between the collective mash of anime, happy hardcore, and hammer-driven techno, Japan's music scene is always a vibrant one. Personally though, I've always had some difficulty picking out some of the real gems of the music scene though partially because of this incredibly thick top-coat of stereotypical j-pop and mind-numbingly fast electronic. When the gems emerge though, boy are they vibrant. Trippple Nippples is one of these gems. Meeting at underground Tokyo parties like MEAT and LINDA, Qrea Nippple and Yuka Nippple decided to combine their backgrounds in performance art and music to create a hypnotic and  ostentatiously energetic style. Combining shouts, screams, Japanese, English, art, and audience-involved live performances the band has crafted themselves in a uniquely punk way. Fashionably speaking, they walk the fine line of avant garde and cleverly/strangely adorn themselves at each concert. Trippple Nippples' unique and captivating style has seen them through a world tour (Japan, Korea, China, Australia, Mexico, Europe) without even a full album release. Catching the eyes of Tokyo Fashion Week, the JUE Festival, Kavinsky, DANGER, Mademoiselle Yulia, and various others, the duo has found themselves on the brink of experimental art-music phenomena. 
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I don't quite remember how I discovered Trippple Nippples.
Oh wait. No I do. I got an email from The Old Blue Last in London and they were one of the bands set to perform sometime in the next coming weeks. I saw the name, was confused, naturally, and then decided to look them up on youtube/myspace. The results that I obtained from my search were partially what I expected and partially not.

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I was surprised to find that Trippple Nippples is such a heavily involved performance art piece, just about as much as it is a band devoted to high energy, stylish, chaotic electronic music. Kind of like a Japanese Cocorosie, the duo is devoted to creating a similar style of freak-folk, but more in the electronic genre but with some similar ideals still in mind. Similarly, the band has drawn some comparisons to the likes of Crystal Castles and other chaotic electronic bands. Despite this, Trippple Nippples still maintains an incredibly youthful and enjoyable sound that is just as danceable and provocative as it discordian.

Apparently, at live shows Trippple Nippples has the tendency to throw anything and everything at themselves and the audience. This pertains, but is not limited to, milk, spaghetti, paint, liquid latex, feathers, glue, etc.... This is part of the reason why I've gained a kind of admiration/respect for the pair, they've not only created unique and compelling music but they've also included an aspect of both visual and performance art to their music, and that to me is really worthwhile. 

Probably it is the fact that I don't understand Japanese that I cannot fully understand the content of the musical. Still, the music seems influenced by a kind of surreal/dada-like ideology with the integration of not only the random, but the unexpected. The pair incorporates stylishly stomping synths, traditional Japanese percussion, various other traditional instruments, and screamed vocals. Collectively, the two's sound is without comparison or any similarity and I've fallen weirdly in love with it.

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Trippple Nippples is definitely an interesting act to listen to and, assumably, see live. I can see them earning the kind of cultish-obsession similar to other talented niche-genre bands like Cocorosie or Crystal  Castles, etc... where people respond either with mesmerized enjoyment or fiendish dislike. 
I'm really excited about Trippple Nippples and they're definitely on my radar for when their debut album drops.

If you like...
-Crystal Castles
-Super Mal

Check out their songs...
-R.I.P. Meat
-Drink The Haterade

R.I.P. Meat

Oh, and by the way.
Trippple Nippples will be doing a show on their European tour at The Old Blue Last in London.
They'll be performing with the famous and infamous punk-group The Death Set, Russ Tannen, and Harry James. It is bound to be a fantastic show that will for sure be one for the books in terms of sheer performance quality and energy.
Be there!

Remix(es) Of The Day

Contact High- Architecture In Helsinki (Clock Opera Remix)

This mix is strangely uncharacteristic for Clock Opera. Typically, Clock Opera's remixes are mostly experiences of pareidolia, everything is beautifully syllabic but seems to not have any concrete meaning. For Contact High, though, the vocals are pretty well preserved and maintained as a somewhat stoic, repetitive exhibit viewed through thick glass. It's a strangely impelling remix and definitely worth a listen (and maybe a download at rcrdlbl?).

This City- Kito & Raija Lee (Asa & KOAN Sound Remix)

Take the kind of pop-type thing you'd hear on the radio and mix it with some-glitchy-dub-hop thing.
It's kind of a strange, eclectic mix,  but it's plenty enjoyable.

Remember Request crew that I was all obsessed with 8 months ago?

Well, this performance now has amassed millions of views on youtube and has earned Request a place in the most unlikely of places... America's Best Dance Crew.
I don't watch tv anymore, really, with the exception of British Skins (HELL TO THE NO TO THE AMERICAN VERSION) and If I did I wouldn't watch ABDC as the show, at least my experience with it, seems pretty rigged. Request should absolutely win, considering these ladies are incredibly strong, powerful, and ferocious dancers.

Real quick. I'ma go all linkstorm right now and re-post all the links for the continued Red Cross effort for Japan. Just click the "here"s.
For the U.K:   donate here.
For the U.S: donate here.
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For Japan: donate here.
Europe: donate here.
For Canada: donate here.

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend. I'll be sure to post soon.
Love you all!
Au revoir.

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