Saturday, April 23, 2011


Last Monday one of my longtime obsessions Yelle was right here in Tucson.

I've been a huge fan of Yelle since their first album, Pop Up,  in 2007.
Naturally, I was incredibly excited when I heard about the plans Yelle had to release a second album this year, Safari Disco Club. Safari Disco Club, is already, one of my favorite albums from 2011. Pop Up was a marvelous album too, but Safari Disco Club has merged not only Yelle's electro-pop style but other more contemporary references to dub and nu-disco. Yelle's sophomore album is, in short, a pop-masterpiece and even if you cannot understand French fluently (I can't either) it is still a pure joy to listen to and lyrically euphoric.

Yelle sounds exactly like they on their albums as they do live. And their energy live is unlike anything else.  Although, I am probably also saying that because I had the pleasure of seeing Yelle in a small venue and being front and center the entire performance. Yelle has incredible performance quality that not only entails a fantastic auditory experience but also one that is thoroughly danceable and incredibly fun.

Also. Can I talk about how stylish Yelle is as a band?
I don't know why, but the whole safari/animal print/gold theme came across really well and incredibly fashionably. I mean, even when the show began with an outfit as non-sequitur as this...

I still found their whole set incredibly chic and augh, amazing.

Yelle played nearly every song from their new album, with the exception of Le Grand Saut and Mons Pays, they also played Cooler Couler from their collab with Crookers, Ce Jeu, A Cause Des Garcons (as well as the extremely famous TEPR remix of ACDG), and the raunchy classic, Je Veux Te Voir. And collectively, the whole show was just a spectacular electro, dance-party.

Absolutely amazing and one of the best concerts I've ever been fortunate enough to attend. If you ever have the opportunity to see Yelle live, you absolutely need to, it is something that I can promise you, you will not regret.

Their opener French Horn Rebellion was great as well! They were incredibly danceable and although moderately insane, a great opening band.

                                                               French Horn Rebellion

I'll post the rest of my pictures down here.

I'll have another post tomorrow, hopefully. It will be a new Music To Discover post.
So get excited, or something.

I hope the weekend is treating everyone nicely!
Au Revoir

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