Saturday, May 14, 2011

I'm back!

APs are finally over!
Which means I can actually afford to blog again!

Thanks to everyone who has stuck around.
This will be a bit of a 'round up post to summarize everything I've missed out on posting recently and hopefully I'll have a new music to discover this weekend!

First things first.
The Good Natured has released a new single! And a new video for said single!
The single is called Skeleton and the video is here.
I'm really quite amazed how much The Good Natured has already developed into an incredibly hard hitting act in the short release of two new songs, Wolves, being the first, and Skeleton. This song though, is one that is incredibly more sensual than The Good Natured's other songs and it comes across so marvelously. Yes, the song is obviously sexual, but it refrains from coming across as a lewd or grotesque. The video itself is simplistic and visually striking, experimental, the clothes are amazing, the hair is amazing, the make up is amazing, everything is just amazing. Absolutely worth checking out.

Now, I know this next short-topic is super late, but whatever, I feel like it is kind of an obligatory-mention.
Judas by Lady Gaga.
Let me just let it be known that I really like this music video. Yes, I know, it has some recycled imagery (chains, tears running down face-looking up at camera look, etc...), but I feel like this is one of the more solid Lady Gaga music videos. To me, the entire video appears more as a movie scene, rather than a typical music video. The cinematography is superb and masterful, the fashion is undeniably on point, the choreography, though incredibly simple, is executed excellently, and the whole production is collectively fascinating and worth watching a dozen times over. 

Remixes of The Day
These aren't really "of the day" but rather "of the time between this post and the most recent one before this".

Christina Aguilera- Birds Of Prey (Reuben Wu Ladytron Remix)
I don't intend to be harsh, but it was pretty obvious to everybody that Xtina's 2010 effort, Bionic, was a flop if there ever was one. Which, I sort of blame on the fact that I feel like Christina was trying incredibly hard to fit into a more dance/electronic pop industry, rather than doing what she does best. But, with that said, if this was one of the songs on Bionic, it would have been a clear knockout. Containing the classically drone-y sound of Ladytron, Christina's vocals arise wispy and subversive, serving the apparent symbolism of the lyrics. Spectacular remix.

Hurts- Sunday (Seamus Haji Remix)
Hurts is, amazingly, still riding the coat-tails of their spectacularly successful debut album, Happiness. It is also fair to say that Hurts is one of the only bands fronted by a man, that have synthesized 80s music with contemporary sound, and found success and popular reception. This song though, damn, it's so beautiful, hopeful yet fragile, wistfully heartbroken. Seamus Haji took the melodrama, the Tears For Fears-like style, and through a lot more synths and danceable melodies to the mix and made it all a bit more contemporaneous Depeche Mode. Beautiful.

Lady Gaga- Judas (Hurts remix)
I know I've mentioned both these musicians in this post already, but I just discovered this just short of 15 minutes ago and I have to talk about it. This is not only one of the most unexpected remixes ever, but it also showcases a COMPLETELY different style than what anyone is used to hearing from Hurts. I'd never dub Hurts as the type of band to craft such a romanticized, industrialized, dub-y mix with synthesizers sounding comparable to the high pitched whir of old video tapes out of a Lady Gaga song. Slightly off-kilter, it still stands as an incredibly unique take on Judas and demanding of a listen.

Lady Gaga- Born This Way (Cory Martin Rebirth)

Last Lady Gaga remix, I promise. You may remember Cory Martin from when I posted about his Fixin' To Thrill remix, which seems like a long-ass time ago. Cory Martin is back again, this time remixing Lady Gaga's LGBTQ anthem, Born This Way. With vocals and lyrics preserved in their original form, Martin has predominantly replaced the melody and beat of the song with incredibly symphonic, almost italo-disco, fizzling synths and an insatiable keyboard melody. By far one of the bet remixes of Born This Way in that it is such a simple take on redo-ing the song and only adds to the alluring nature of the original song. Fabulous.

Nero- Innocence (Feed Me Remix)
Massively successful transformation of rising Nero's dubstep hit, Innocence, into a reverberated, dancey, clashing of synth. Amazing.

Creep- Days (Featuring Romy XX) (Azari & III Remix)
One of my favorite features of the XX's music is the vocal quality Romy XX creates. It's laid back, colelcted, cool, and fantastically effortless. This collaboration, the original, not only fits Romy's vocals as it is incredibly relaxed and stylishly indietronic (it is what Creep does best), but it also has a unique cinematic-like quality to it. Weird description, I know. But anyway, back to the remix. Azari & III's mix melded the stylish track into a syncopated, on the floor-type dance jam for kids too cool to dance. Its an unabashedly hard-hitting mix, subtle, but fantastic.

That is all!
Hopefully, like I said, I will be able to fit another post in some time this weekend, if not, I will for sure next week. And after that, it will be summer! And I will be able to blog really often! Yay!
Au revoir

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  1. The Judas remix is absolutely superb. It is sick, multi-layered, and orgasmic in general. Plus it makes her voice actually melodic. I probably like it better than the original. It's too bad they left out the chorus, but it was probably a precautionary measure so as people didn't die of awesomeness.

    The Born This Way remix, OTOH, was really promising at first, but erred, I felt, in trying to make a song chill whose best musical asset is its energy.

    Thanks again for the great music, Jacob!


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