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Music To Discover: 63

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A new project from NYC featuring the combined stylings of DJ Laura Flax and Lauren Dillard. Flax, a seasoned house dj, who has also been Fischerspooner's tour dj, claims classic house as her main inspiration, as well as "old freestyle stuff". Lauren quotes the same influences to their sound. House not only lies as their main source of auditory inspiration but also UK bass, Creep synthesizes both house and UK bass to create a somewhat ominous, unsettled, dreamy like sonic environment. Because the fact that Creep is a very new project, they are still in the beginning stages of crafting tracks. Despite the young age of Creep, they have attracted vocal talents like Romy XX and Nina Sky, and as such, have gained a following extremely quickly.
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The first time I heard anything by Creep was when Azari & III did a remix of "Days", which I posted a short while back. After getting hooked on the remix, I decided to check the original out. The original "Days" is by far superior to any remix. The song featuring the subtle and soulful vocals of Romy XX,  is a cataclysmic combination of witch house, dreamscape, and ominous,  de Chirico-esque-hysteria.

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This is quite the defining aspect of Creep's music. Though they have few tracks, what they have is a clear definition of the growing trend of witch-house. Witch-house usually is ominous sounding, vocal-centric, and focuses on thumping, minimal beats and complimenting melodies. Somehow, in many respects, witch-house, especially of Creep's kind, borders most closely to hip-hop than to any other genre. I say so, in the heavy emphasis of  creating an almost intimidating musical aura, but also because Creep's music just genuinely sounds like it is on the verge of being sampled by (insert rapper's name here) and becoming incredibly popular. Creep just has this sound about them.

Creep also appears to be an interesting project in terms of their image and style.
Both the music videos that they have, "Days", and "You", are drenched in cool colors or black and white. The video for "Days" is a 4 minute scene of light-play with various shadows and lurking lights, projections, startling imagery, and relative obscuring and anonymity of the band themselves, who often have their faces partially concealed, in shadow, or covered in sparkling celestial black make up.
"You" is a simple video, captured in black and white, that, at least in my opinion, breaks the fourth wall and engages the audience in the video. As a whole, the video is a testament to contrasts with long/short hair, black/white, masculine/feminine, etc...  While I prefer the video to "Days", the video for "You" is still interesting and enjoyable to watch.

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Lyrically, I can't say too much about Creep's work, seeing as they really only have two songs.
However, from listening to only "Days" and "You", it seems that there is a kind of haunting, longing feeling evident in both. Both songs seem somewhat subdued, lyrically, like they want to convey something more powerful but cannot. This seems deliberate, to me, and fits the environment, musically, extremely well.  They lyrics are understandable, but not necessarily relatable. Nonetheless, the lyrics fit the music and the scene.

If you're in the neighborhood of witch house looking for some stylish new friends, look up Creep, their creative, hip-hop-esque, minimal take on the genre will surely make you feel welcome.

If you like...
-White Ring
-The XX
-Jamie XX
then give Creep a listen!

Check out their songs..
-Days (Azari & III remix)


Remix(es) Of The Day!

Nicola Roberts- Beat Of My Drum (Happy HotDog Remix)

It was last week that I posted about Nicola Roberts' debut single Beat Of My Drum.
In that short span of time, the remixes have been released. This one is by far my favorite.
The original is so blatantly obviously produced by Diplo it even has a similar sound to Major Lazer's Pon De Floor, which, as we all know, is one of Diplo's project. By no means is my saying that the song sounds, obviously, like Diplo a bad thing, it's just a statement of observation. Out of all the remixes for this song I have heard so far, this is the most danceable, and almost dutch-house like. It's an incredible dancefloor foot-mover and between rippling synths and the catchy lyrics, it is basically the definition of undeniable. Check it out.

Crystal Fighters- Plage (Compuphonic Remix)

To me, it is still quite amazing how much Crystal Fighters have blown up in the past year or so. They absolutely deserve it, but it's still a little surprising to me. Their most recent single Plage has been making its rounds 'round the world, particularly in the Netherlands, as well as becoming beautiful remix-medium for djs. Compuphonic has created an extremely chilled out, italo-disco, somewhat Glass Candy-esque sound with this remix. With prominent bass, whispy vocals, and various other sounds that recall the sound of water cascading over rocks and then slowly dropping into a calm pool, Plage becomes the most desirable track for a stylish, leisurely, dance-party. An absolutely stellar, stunning, and amazing remix.

Cee Lo Green- I Want You (Hold On To Love Redlight Remix)

This is purely old-school dance/hardcore/breakbeat.
It's absolutely amazing, stylish, danceable, and Cee Lo's powerful vocals really provide a great contrast to the stylized, hard sounding synths.

Martin Solveig has done a collaboration with !
Listen to it hear:
It's the freshest work we've heard from   of late, and I can only hope that we will be seeing some more new tracks/collabs/anything from the chanteuse in the near future!

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Will post this weekend, hopefully.
Hope you all are safe, much love.

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