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Music To Discover: 64

Jessica 6
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Originally formed in Brooklyn in 2008, Jessica 6 has since formulated fascinating methods for pushing the boundaries of nu-disco, house, and R&B. The band began when Nomi Ruiz, of Hercules & Love Affair fame, began working with Andrew Raspo and Morgan Wiley (both also of Hercules & Love Affair). The trio began doing improv sessions in the studio and those improvisational sessions soon turned into a billowing, undeniable sound the three began crafting into a name. Nomi, Morgan, and Andrew bonded over their love for underground freestyle and hip-hop while Nomi herself cites Janet, Michael Jackson, and Mary J. Blige as personal influences. Jessica 6 has an incredibly mature, house, disco-sound to them and they have cited musical influences as Britney Spears (circa Blackout), Vanity 6, and Appolonia 6. The trio has perfectly and magically synthesized a genre-defying sound that is as irresistible as it dance floor-persuasive.
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I downloaded my first Jessica 6 song, Prisoner Of Love, from a short while ago. And in that short period of time the band has been picking up steam like crazy, so it seems. 

Jessica 6 does sound quite a bit like their sister/brother/cousin band, Hercules & Love Affair. HOWEVER. They do not sound the same, at all, Jessica 6 has a much more couture, very refined, and matured style. This isn't to say Hercules & The Love Affair lacks any of these things, rather, Jessica 6 has just made these qualities incredibly prominent and powerful.

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Songs like In The Heat really showcase the scattered dazzlings of synths like glitter. A synth-melody that sounds like the scene of a blazing runway with 6 foot tall, fierce as hell models stomping around the latest avant garde fashions. In The Heat also displays the soulful, robust, but somewhat unsure sounding vocals of Nomi. Now, when I say, 'unsure', I mean, Nomi sounds like she doesn't quite trust you and she does not sound like a woman to mess with. In The Heat is, no pun intended, one of the most blazing tracks off their debut e.p. and the combination of glitzy synths, unique and robust vocals, and all around sharp and tight sound of the track is to thank for that.

However, in songs like Prisoner Of Love, we see a different side to Jessica 6. A more camp-y, more disco-throwback type sound. Nomi's vocals sound high, fragile, and well defined. The song captures a more cheesy-take on nu-disco and literally takes a time machine back into the disco era and extracts the fundamental sounds, lyrics, and vocal combinations to create a thoroughly modern disco track. 

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White Horse, a favorite track of mine is pretty much Jessica 6 in their purest form. The song is slightly brooding with somewhat androgynous vocals that are so smooth and pleasing to the ear, it isn't even properly describing. White Horse is incredibly danceable, old-school house, and quite the inviting song with metallic plinging percussion layered on top of more hollow percussive elements that altogether sums to a vocally focused, percussive-minimal, subversive-bass-lined piece of runway ferocity (I mean, hell, it was used in Mugler's most recent fashion promo which is not only fashion-y but really, really sexual). White Horse is an incredibly tight and slick track, absolutely worth listening to as it is one of the best this year. 

Jessica 6 has done something that is incredibly difficult in today's music world, created a unique sound. Unique in the sense that, I haven't heard such well executed disco/oldschool house throwback in a long time and Jessica 6 has few, if any, contemporaries who can create music so disco, so danceable, or so fashionable all at the same time. Jessica 6 is a purely talented sound, masterfully encapsulating an entire genre in an era of dumb, inappropriate, and mismatched samples.

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So if you want some fierce, old school house/disco inspired electro, you absolutely need to start listening to Jessica 6. And well, even if you don't want some old school house/ disco you still need to check out Jessica 6. 

If you like...
-Beth Ditto
-Vanity 6
-Hercules & Love Affair
then do yourself a favor and give Jessica 6 a listen.

Check out their songs...
-White Horse
-In the Heat
-Prisoner Of Love
-Fun Girl
-Not Anymore

White Horse

Remix(es) Of The Day

Get People- Rain Tears (Crystal Fighters  Remix)

Crystal Fighters are always killin' it, on their original tracks, on remixes of them, on remixes by them. This one falls into the latter category and finds itself somewhat different than past remixes by Crystal Fighters . This mix reveals Crystal Fighters -characteristic basque-style but then there simultaneously exists an atari-like, bit-core-static-pulse to the song. Vocals are kept somewhat original, only dashed with a hint of echo and pitch-digitization here and there but the rest of the track is a tropical, twang-y, electric string, cloudy fog of dancing pixels. It's an awesome mix. 

Kelly Rowland- Motivation (Kid Sister Remix)
Kelly Rowland's Motivation is one hell of a track in its own respect. 
This mix is, for the most part, a preservation of the original. That is, until the beat picks up and Kid Sister begins her rap. At that point it becomes a fine tuned track of juke-stylings. I am quite fond of this mix at the moment. 

Daily K-Pop
2ne1 released their new track today.
Holy god. It's a completely blazing, bhangra-inspired, piece of electronic ferocity. It is one of 2ne1's best tracks at this point. I'm obsessed with this song. So. Obsessed.
And they don't even sound like they used auto-tune on this track! Which, in a world surrounded by auto-tune is a feat in it of itself. 

Here is a lovely set of videos here showing the fantastic Austra live. (I have been listening to their debut album on repeat since it came out, it's so good.)
You can view the live footage here.

Lastly, here is a track from a band you probably haven't heard of yet.

They're called Binary and are an alternative 4-piece from London that formed in 2010.
Turquoise, their debut track  is a wailing lamentation filled with vocal dichotomy's and emotion while simultaneously being accompanied by eerie, appropriate, ambient backing instrumentals.
Check them out!
 Turquoise by BINARY 

I'll post again soon.
Hope everyone's week is going well!


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