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Music To Discover: 65

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Charli XCX
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Charli XCX is something of an enigma. An extremely young girl, 18, from Hertfordshire began at the young age of 15 crafting up homemade tunes like "Franchesckaar" which is a auditory hodgepodge of electronic insanity and electroclash. It's a throwdown of a song, clearly mockery of some kind of obnoxious popular girl at school complete with rave sirens. But that chapter of Charli XCX was around 3 years ago. More recently, Charli XCX has released songs like "Stay Away" which echoes late 80s/early 90s synth crooning fit with tight, ominous lyricism and emotional vocals. Charli XCX echoes the 80s, the 90s, M.I.A., Lady Sovereign, and so many more musical obscurities, she's really developed a captivating sound (and attracted producers/djs like Alex Metric to her uniqueness), and proved that she isn't just another teenager with a computer and a bit of musical talent. 
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My first exposure to Charli XCX was actually only a few days ago. I heard Alex Metric's new track, End Of The World, on Annie Mac and was pretty much instantaneously hooked on the vocalist's unique sound. I did a little more research on this "Charli XCX" and delved deeper into her music, specifically her song Stay Away.

Charli XCX sounds a lot like another artist/band to me, but I simply cannot place who. 
But, hopefully that will come to me, anyway. "Stay Away" is a crooning love/hate song. It is simultaneously a song about how much someone is needed/missed but how that there ultimately should be no connection between the two people. It's a cleverly written song, although the namesake "stay away" is blunt, the rest of the song's lyrics are spoken with a sharp tongue, for example:

I knew you were no angel
but God, what did I do?

The rest of the song is a beautiful collection of austere synths, reverberated and clashing percussion, and whispy-sharp vocals and lyrics. An amazing song, really.

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Though I cannot completely credit the lyrics in the song End Of The World entirely to Charli XCX, it is a collab with Alex Metric, I can credit Charli's vocals. Her vocals are somewhat more cold in this song and mildly more digitized but other parts of the song are a great credit to how strangely mesmerizing and unique her vocals are. It's another song that is about a break-up, or something related to a fallout, but instead taken to quite the histrionic level by calling it, 'the end of the world'. Charli XCX is a perfect choice to do the vocals for this song considering her pure unique vocal quality as well as her sound that sounds fit for the kind of dazed-over-overcast-melancholy. 

Now, to go back in time a bit, comparing her current work to her original claim to fame "Franchesckaar" one will see that some things have stayed the same and some things have changed. Beginning with things that have stayed the same. Charli XCX clearly hasn't abandoned her very upfront, blunt, and sharp delivery of cold semi-insults and judgments. And it is exactly those criticisms and sharp commentaries that Charli delivers that sets her apart from much of the rest of the pop-world, which too often seems to be too focused on women taking appeasement/"come and get me"-roles in terms of lyrical narrative. The biggest difference is the general sound Charli XCX has progressed into. "Franchesckaar" is by no means a messily put together song, it segues quite marvelously, but it is, somewhat, a piece of auditory overstimulation with rave sirens, heave bass, beating percussion, sharp vocals, melodies, and so much more packed into 3 minutes and 28 seconds. Currently it seems that Charli has evolved into a more  austere, but still hard hitting, musical environment. Her instrumental tracks aren't as riotous and overwhelming as they were and have become more matured as well as directed to focus attention on her beautiful and unique voice.

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Charli XCX is bound to become some kind of megastar, although I cannot quite say when. But regardless, it is just bound to happen. She's the most clever synthesis of 90s/80s synth, M.I.A.'s and Lady Sovereign's brash and unapologetic delivery, and unique vocals and style that will clearly propel her to success sometime in the near future.
Absolutely check her out.

If you like...
-Becoming Real
-Lol Boys
then you need to check Charli XCX out.

Check out her songs...
-Stay Away
-End Of The World

Stay Away

Remixes Of The Day

Wretch 32- Don't Go (Submerse Mix)
An absolutely gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous mix.
Blissed out, ambient, mountainous sonic environments combined with somewhat breakbeat and sporadic percussion, whispering "yeahs", ubiquitous male vocals, and baking vocals sounding somewhat like the Idan Raichel project just collectively make for a brilliant mix.
I can't get over this one.

Friendly Fires- Live Those Days Tonight (Tim Green Remix)
So, in short. If you haven't heard Friendly Fires' latest effort, Pala, it's pretty much amazing.
And this mix contains all the best elements of the original track fit with a pulsating, undeniable bassline.
Marvelous mix.

I haven't got much else to talk about today.
I'll try to post in the next day or so though!
Love you all!


  1. Great post! Alex Metric's track is indeed amazing with Charlie's Voice. I also wanted to know more about her and your post helped alot :) Your blog seems quite interesting so I've just bookmarked it. Keep up the good posting

  2. Thank you so much!
    I'm glad I could be of service!


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