Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Album Reviews and Obsessions

Hey everyone!
I am back from my week-long vacation in the Bay-area, no I did not see Kreayshawn, and I am still researching some new bands to bring you a music to discover post, but for now I am gonna do a cute little post about some albums and things that I like right now.

Album Reviews

(image from http://patrickwolf.com/hq/wp-content/files_mf/patrickwolflupercalia28officialalbumcover29.jpg)

Patrick Wolf- Lupercalia
Now, I don't actually have this album, I have just listened to it via streams online. But anyway.
It is so very obvious to anyone with any sense of familiarity to Patrick's previous work that this is by far his most upbeat and positive-spirited work. We've seen glimpses of his joyous-musical spirit in songs like The Magic Position but the album, The Magic Position, itself was joyous in a very adolescent kind of "i don't give a fuck"-kind of way. Lupercalia, named after a Pagan festival falling near Valentine's Day, is a celebration of love, not only in the relationship-sense but also of a more internalized nature. Patrick, even in songs about breakups, or loneliness, appears happy and instilled with love for himself as well. The album sticks to many of Patrick's expected stylings, exorbitant attention to detail and imagery in his lyricism, piano, violins, baroque-pop tendencies, horns, accordions, and all those what have you-s. His vocals are robust and warm and sometimes stretched and elegant, a unique dichotomy of sounds. The City, is so easily, one of my favorite tracks of 2010 as I've listened to it so many times and I cannot even fully explain how much I love this song. Time Of My Life is a beautiful song in its melancholy, but strong lyrics and vocals. Time Of My Life is an incredibly sad song, but it doesn't sculpt itself as a lamentation, but rather, as a celebration of what was celebrated with a half frown. Slow Motion is a dreamy, more electronic, ballad based on self-reflection, it's a gorgeous song and one of the most unique from the rest of the album. The track Together is perhaps the most sultry and mysterious track on Lupercalia, lyrics fit with longing and a dance-floor pulse and topped off with violin crescendos. Lupercalia is completed with the track The Falcons, quite the different track if you compare it to The Bachelor's track Vulture. The Falcons is a, nopunintended, soaring track comparable to a bronze balloon floating warmly through the sky. Lupecalia is a, simply, joyous album with a few moments of melacholia. Patrick has proven himself capable of capturing both sadness and infinite happiness in a single album, without coming across as cliche or cheesy. Wonderful album.

(image from http://patrickwolf.com/hq/wp-content/files_mf/patrickwolflupercalia28officialalbumcover29.jpg)

So I know I am really freaking late on this one.
When I first heard about Cults a while ago, I kind of turned the other way and labeled them as just another 'lo-fi' band trying to  make it in the typical 'lofi' hipster-crowd.
But then I listened to their album and changed my mind. Cults has developed a lo-fi, sunny, summer-y album that has a far more cerebral, dark, and anxious heart. You Know What I Mean captures their very sixties-like stylings further reveals repressed anxiety both in the lyrics and the staccato presentation of the chorus, seeming like the snap of a whip, an anxious whip... Go Outside, their first claim to fame, is a jeer-y, bright, song complete with shiny xylophone. Track, Oh My God, is so likely to find itself on an episode of Skins, it isn't even funny. Oh My God is characterized by neon-luminescent xylophone and feel-good-sounds but the lyrics are so incredibly angsty and teenaged. In short, Cults' debut is a strong one, and further proves its worth by hiding clever angst and lurking seriousness/darkness.
While it isn't my favorite album of the year it is definitely one of the best, and one of the best summer albums as well. Definitely worth listening to.

Things I'm obsessed with/listening to.

This video and song
Brown Eyed Girls- Abracadabra

Yeah, the song is autotune-y but I don't even care, it is catchy as hell and the video is damn fierce.

The rose garden at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

Remix Of The Day

The Good Natured- Skeleton (N55 Remix)

Skeleton is an amazing track.
This mix is an amazing mix.
So yeah.
That's it.

I'll post a Music To Discover sometime during the week/2 days.
Love you all!

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