Thursday, June 2, 2011

Robyn-Call Your Girlfriend

I just woke up, it's now 2 o'clock. 
And this just came out.

That's the video for Robyn's Call Your Girlfriend, the latest single from the critically acclaimed electro-pop smash, Body Talk, from 2010. 
The video is a simple one. It's primarily Robyn singing and dancing to the song in a warehouse that has been fixed with various lights and light fixtures. In terms of imagery, the video is striking and blunt, much like the song in it's heartbroken stature. Robyn showcases her pretty amazing dancing skills (watch her perform live, you'll REALLY understand that she's a fabulous dancer) and laments with the song in her tight patterned pants, beige top, simple make up, and signature, somewhat androgynous, haircut. Call Your Girlfriend is a really sad song, and it falls into Robyn's self-proclaimed favorite subject matter, sad-love. As a video though, the simplicity is somewhat uninteresting at points but Robyn's vivacious and eye catching performance quality and presence really makes the video intimate, raw, and powerful. All the more evidence as to why Robyn really is the perfect example of a pop-star. 

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