Sunday, June 12, 2011

Some remixes while I'm gone.

So hey there everyone.
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I'll be going here tomorrow morning as of 10 o'clock, and won't be back until the following monday.
I'm not taking my computer so I don't have to think about facebook or twitter or online classes or emails or whatever.

So here are some remixes to tide you over while I'm gone, once I get back, I'll post a fresh music to discover and all will be the same!

Florence + The Machine- You've Got The Love (Mark Knight Remix)

I hadn't thought about this song for a while and then I heard it on Annie Mac the other day.
I really like the mix, it isn't anything super groundbreaking but it is a pleasant rework of You've Got The Love fit for the dancefloor. This song had gotten a little tired for me, but now, I have been thrusted back into appreciation. Great mix.

Labyrinth Ear- Navy Light (4am Remix)

It seems that all I have been posting about is Labyrinth Ear. But that is fine by me because they are completely brilliant.
This mix is, like the previous mix, a remake that isn't quite groundbreaking but it is a perfect adaptation of a song into a dance-floor gem. 4am crafted the mix with the whispy vocals and complementing the wistfulness of the vocals by adding heavily syncopated drum beats and synths. Some of the key points of the original song, like the synth-bridge, can still be heard. It's a beautiful mix, beautiful and full of danceable life.

Stardust- Music Sounds Better With You (Justin Martin Edit)

Bonafied dance-club banger. It starts of relatively simply with a break-beat interlude and the progresses into an incredibly old-school type draw in and then finally hits you with an incredibly ground up, pulsating, undeniable bass. The bass really makes the song and with floor-shaking magnitude sums up the rest of the song. Give it a listen.

(I should really bring this mini-segment back)
Also, although it's a bit of an old song, I can't stop listening.
And yes, I know it is lip-syncing in this video, but I still cannot stop watching/listening.

I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful week!
See you all next Monday!


  1. oldschool progressive dude. with that stardust track. early daft punk style house

  2. Genres,yeah. I don't always try to pin things exactly as they are, but just how they sound. But thanks for the fyi.


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