Thursday, June 2, 2011


It is almost 5 AM in the morning here.
I don't know why I am awake right now, but I may as well be productive if I'm going to stay up.

This happened yesterday (June 1st).

Yeah, that's Nicola Roberts. Who, those of you from Europe are probably familiar with, but those who are reading this from the U.S. probably aren't. Nicola Roberts is a member of the insanely popular UK girl group, Girls Aloud.
Which, as I said, is a group that is INSANELY popular. (They have 20 top ten singles in the U.K. and 4 top ten albums, and all their albums have at LEAST gone platinum in the U.K.)
But anyway. Nicola Roberts is finally working on her solo project while Girls Aloud is still on hiatus.
Thus we have the aforementioned video clip. Which, despite its short length of only 23 seconds, still marks something promising. Her debut single, out this Sunday, seems incredibly fun, summer-y and vivacious. The video itself is very inviting with cool pastels as well as eyecatching, with fashionable complimentary patterns.  In terms of musicality, I hear strong notes of the likes of Yelle and Dragonette.
The single is pretty much a strong shoe-in for becoming a summer anthem this year.

There is a single release party going on for this very song, this saturday.
You not only get to go to the single launch and the dj set of Nicola Roberts, but you also get to go absolutely for free. It's totally an event worth going to.
(Which. While I'm at it. Go to this event too happening at the same venue but on the 10th. It's also bound to be some kind of fun to kick off the advent of summer, here in the Northern hemisphere.)
(Click for larger sizes)


And while I'm posting posters.
I'd like to mention this really awesome poster, which is basically a sick (good) piece of design.
It's for an event called Calvi On The Rocks, which I've never heard of until about an hour ago.
It seems pretty excellent, a beach-side electro festival, in France.
With a line up like: Metronomy, Foals, Ncholas Jaar, Hercules & Love Affair, Carte Blanche, Logo, Azari & III, Friendly Fires, and many many more, it should be pretty awesome.

That's all I've got for now. I've got an interview on the way!
So hopefully I have that posted this weekend.
Also, I'm going to be more fully developing my blogroll, here on Chromatist, so if anyone knows any good blogs I should be reading, post the link in the comment box, on the Chromatist facebook page, or my twitter (@JacobCypherle).
Hope everyone has/is having a lovely week.

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