Thursday, July 21, 2011


So. I'm really sorry everyone for going on radio silence for 11 days. I was planning on posting sooner but then some really extraneous things happened and long story short, my computer is busted.
I write this on another computer now and wait to see if I will get mine repaired or just get a new one. Once again though, I'm sorry for being so absentee lately.
Here is a kinda short post about some stuff that you all should check out in the near future and HOPEFULLY i will be able to do a new music to discover post in the next few days.
Thanks for understanding.

The first bit of news is that 1/2 of the UK band, Labyrinth Ear, has created a new project called Tommcat.

 Tom, the London born producer of his own tracks and his band's, Labyrinth Ear's, tracks decided to create a solo project where he could focus on his major influences like old school house and the early rave scene.
His first two creations, Harrison Ford and Seville Good, are, respectively, resplendent examples of both scenes. Carefully synthesizing cool italo-belearic-disco with house and the acidic pulse of 90s rave music.

His individual work is, simply, wonderful and I've listened to both debut tracks numerous times with persistent regard to the heavily danceable aura and the sophisticated production of both tracks.
Check them out!
 Harrison Ford by Tommcat
 Seville Good by Tommcat

Toodar- Toy (P*Nut Remix)
 Toodar - Toy (P*Nut Remix) - by Theo PR by Theo PR
There is a strange sense of vulnerability in this remix. There is almost a strange sense of vocal synthesis between Coldplay and Clock Opera both in the delicacy and fragility of the vocals and in the emotional tensity strewn through every chord and lyric. The remix is by P*Nut who has produced for the likes of Amy Winehouse and Faithless, which, the latter indicates the semi-two-step danceability of the mix. Vocally and lyrically, the mix is dense and sullen, saddened. It's a beautiful remix though and it is quite an enjoyable listen.

The band Binary released their first video for their first single, Turquoise. The song, a dreary, wailing conflagration of alt-rock demanded a somewhat somber and coolly toned video and that is exactly what they did.
Watch the video here:
And if you want the single, the band is letting fans download it for free at their website

Lastly, the anti-popstar, FOE, is having a single release on August 8th in London.
The release is set to occur at the The Old Blue Last and all the information can be found at the facebook event on, well, facebook. here is a link to the event itself.
(image from

Lastly, I will be going out of town on the 28th.
Where will I be going you may ask? Well. I'll be flying from home to Chicago to Warsaw, Poland, to my final destination of Vilnius, Lithuania. On the way back, I'll be flying through Copenhagen, but, won't have enough time to actually spend any time in the city, which, the same goes for Warsaw, breaks my heart. But, if anyone has any suggestions for things for me to do/look at/ buy in the Copenhagen or Warsaw airport or in Vilnius, because I will be there for 2 whole weeks, please tweet me, comment, or post something on the Chromatist facebook page!

I hope you are all having a nice week.
Will post soon!
Au revoir. 

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