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Music To Discover: 66

The History Of Apple Pie
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Based in London, this five-piece is returning the ubiquitous term of 'lo-fi' to it's origins: the 90s, shoegaze, and grunge. The five have happily accepted their less mastered sound and as such, have found themselves as the favorite band of acts like Yuck. Although they like to craft songs about their life experiences, the band prefers to write about hypothetical, imaginary situations, further expanding on the essence of dreampop that the band thrives off of. They're one of the most brilliant interpretations of the genre, taking a style dominated by acts like Best Coast and Vivian Girls and giving it their own U.K. spin, and they do it absolutely marvelously.
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I don't usually fall for things labeled 'lo-fi', as you're all familiar with. Mainly because, I feel that creating a grainy sound doesn't really propel you instantaneously to genius-levels. Much like how you can't really take someone with terrible eyesight, remove their glasses, and then proceed to place them in front of a drawing by a 6 year old, and because it's so damn blurry, they think it's the Mona Lisa.
This is kind of problematic.

Now, to be honest, I really love some lo-fi music, Cults, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Asobi Seksu, Best Coast, but it is a genre that is as susceptible to being filled with absolutely terrible music as every other genre.
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BUT YEAH. The point is, I really like The History Of Apple Pie not only for their ridiculous and memorable name, but also because of their sound, of course.  The History Of Apple Pie has a sound that is an incredible reference to shoegaze and more pop-oriented grunge.

The somewhat grainy bass and guitar of songs like You're So Cool beautifully comment the sweet and delicately candied vocals of vocalist Stephanie Min. Her vocals are layered on top of themselves and as such deliver an incredibly echoed and dream-like auditory experience. The lyrics of the song itself finds itself focus on the double meaning of the phrase "you're so cool". Does this mean that the 'you' is cool, as in, temperature or as the colloquialism to designate something that is interesting?  Hard to say really, and this kind of disoriented play on words masterfully blends in with the austere and dreamy guitars and bass.

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My other favorite song by the band, Mallory, is far more low-key in some respects and finds itself containing an undeniable and catchy guitar hook and quite beautiful vocals. The vocals aren't that of a powerhouse, but beautiful in their lucid, dreamy, and crystal-cool delivery. It's a pretty perfect song and absolutely worth dozens of listens.

The History Of Apple Pie is not a band that, thank God, falls into the typical 'lo-fi' trap of overrated and too-grainy sound. They're rather a band that brilliantly and objectively adapts shoegaze and lo-fi 90s sounds, like grunge. Their specific breed of dreamy, blissed out pop is absolutely marvelous, and if that's what you're looking for, give The History Of Apple Pie a listen!

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-Sweater Girls
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then give The History Of Apple Pie a listen!

Check out their songs...
-You're So Cool

You're So Cool

Remix Of The Day

Beastie Boys ft. Santogold- Don't Play No Game That I Can Win (Major Lazer Remix)
Now, I still don't quite moombahton. It's basically just reggaeton or an Afrojack record played at 100 bpm, kind of like how witch house is like hip-hop slowed down ten thousand percent. I will still say though, that I do sometimes like the sound of moombahton. This mix seems to follow the trend of the growing popularity of moombahton. Although, I will say that Beastie Boys' vocals sound a little strange with the rest of the mix, but Santogold's brilliance and unique sound make this remix absolutely amazing and worth listening, and dancing, to.

Foe also released a new video for her song, Deep Water Heartbreaker. 
It's an absolutely amazing song, it's just as sharp and dystopian as her other work, but this song sounds more clean and sleek than some of her other tracks. The video itself fits the sharp-lyrics and the generally ominous sound. Love it.

I broke, for the second time, and made a tumblr account.
I got some feedback that people wanted to see more "art" and "cat memes". So, my tumblr account will be the perfect place for anyone who wants to see more art, both of my own and other people's, memes, photos, and various other things. And I want it to be known that, THIS TUMBLR IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR THIS BLOG. Just putting that out there.
I've been using it quite a bit lately, so, if you want, be sure to follow me!
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