Monday, July 4, 2011

Tracks to listen to, now.

So here's the truth.
I don't always have an artist or band to post about on a Music To Discover post. Because I haven't heard enough of their music or I don't know if I quite like their sound well enough. And I never feel right to post just kind of half-assed without making sure I'm really into the music myself.
It's the kind of thing where I'm not going to tell someone to like something that I'm kind of unsure of myself, y'know?

Well anyway.
This is a new segment, maybe or something along those lines where I'll post about specific songs that I'm liking right now and maybe or maybe not, someday those tracks could evolve into a full on Music To Discover Post.

SBTRKT- Pharaohs

SBTRKT is one of those music projects that I am almost too scared to post about because I feel that they are way too famous for me to be talking about on my blog. Not too-famous in like, the Rihanna-way, just that I've missed the point for me to really post about SBTRKT because they've become too popular.
I don't know how to word this without sounding crazy like a cynical hipster, but, whatever. The point is,  I haven't posted about SBTRKT yet, so here we are.
The first song I heard from SBTRKT was Wildfire and that was one of those songs that I really wanted to like. It took a few listens for me to like the song more, and I do enjoy the song, but I wasn't really hooked on the sound or anything. BUT THIS SONG. Pharaohs is, in my opinion, miles ahead of Wildfire. While Wildfire plays off the growing popularity of heavy, dub-like beats, and progressive vocals, Pharaohs is a track that plays on old-school house music and complimentary vocals. Pharaohs is a lot more upbeat and easier to get into than Wildfire is. I'm really loving this track right now.

Lovelle- Uh Oh ft. Lady Chann

I absolutely cannot believe this song has less than 7000 views on youtube right now.
I really cannot believe that because this song seems 100% fit for popularity.
It's a brilliant combination of shaky bass humming, Lovelle's soulful and sweet vocals, rapid-fire staccato  bridge, and a rap verse supplied by Lady Chann which is a delightful change considering so many rap-verses are thrown in by male rappers who, to me, often appear bland, or, so it seems nowadays, Nicki Minaj. (I'm not saying Nicki Minaj is bad, it's just really irritating to hear people talk about a gender-equal market, in the rap industry, when it isn't really 'gender-equal' when you just have one woman who shows up here and there.)
My point is, the song is freaking awesome and you absolutely need to give it a listen.

Class Actress-Keep You

I will say, I don't find it to be as much of a knock-out track as some of their older stuff (Journal Of Ardency, Careful What You Say), but it is still an awesome track. With heavier percussion and deeper/darker synth arrangements Class Actress has become a bit more refined but are still just as marvelously sophisticated. Vocally, the band is as entrancing and hypnotic as ever. While it may not be the best track by the band to date, it is still a wonderful sampling of what's to come. (Their album is set for release in October).

Remix Of The Day

Woodkid- Iron (Gucci Vump Remix)

Dystopian dance.
Love this remix.

That's all for now!
Happy Fourth of July America!
I dyed my hair red in patriotism! (not really about the patriotism, but I did dye my hair)

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