Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tracks you should be listening to.

I keep waking up so damn early...

Penguin Prison- Fair Warning (Club Clique Actualité Remix)
 Penguin Prison - Fair Warning (Club Clique Actualité Remix) by Club Clique 
It has been a long time since I have posted anything about Penguin Prison  .
Club Clique, however, I posted about somewhat contemporaneously, with their marvelous re-fix of Sleigh Bells' "Rill Rill". Now, I freaking loved that remix, it is still one of the best. So, I had pretty high standards for this one. Simultaneously, I've been a fan of Penguin Prison  for a while, but, let me just say, this remix does not fail to meet any standards. It's almost a completely different track from the original. The Actualité remix is one that finds itself more under the genre of melancholy-house than the original's somewhat glitzy trend-blazing sound. Although Club Clique has, in some respects, taken Penguin Prison down a notch and made the song more toned down, it also seems that this remix breathes a new kind of life into the original song. It's a spectacularly compelling collection of dance floor sounds blended gently with Penguin Prison's melancholic crooning. It's a big tune, and definitely one of the most well thought out and carefully crafted I've heard this year. Love this mix and you absolutely need to give it a listen.

Laidback Luke- Natural Disaster

This track is so immense. I mean. Yeah.
It is predominantly because it has this subversive, lurking, ominous piano track layered underneath a heavy wave of electro that is as entrancing as it is overwhelming. It is just really spectacular. Listen to it.

The Rapture- How Deep Is Your Love

It's a jangly compilation of stressed vocals, housey pianos, and danceable rhythm. Once the percussion breaks in, the song becomes so incredibly danceable, it isn't even funny.
How Deep Is Your Love is different from The Rapture's older, more scratchy, less organized songs, but this development is one that is warmly welcomed. How Deep Is Your Love is an incredibly ear-pleasing song, the vocals are so strained and somewhat mysterious that they match the soulful rhythm and style of the rest of the song. Awesome track.

Charleston- Piece By Piece
 Piece by Piece by Charleston UK
Charleston is the perfect example of one of those bands who, I just need to hear a few more tracks from and they're a shoe in for a Music To Discover post. Charleston reminds me whole lot of Chew Lips, only in terms of vocals though. The rest of the sound is significantly more sombre and dark than Chew Lips' usual fare. Piece By Piece is ominous, somewhat sinister, low-key, arcanely stylish, and an captivating first track. With ambiguous and vague lyrics and icy cool vocal delivery, the song finds itself capped off by electronic minimalism, with beeps interspersed, as well as filled with simple but appropriate percussion. It's a subversively beautiful song, and, as I've already said, a spectacular first track from Charleston and evident of what is to come in the future.

CSS- Hits Me Like A Rock

It's not my favorite track from CSS.
But hearing anything new from them is wonderful.

That is all for now.
Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!
Au revoir.

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