Friday, October 14, 2011

Review: Class Actress' "Rapprocher"

Class Actress- Rapprocher

The title being from the French to "come closer", Class Actress' debut does just that, invites you to take a closer look at her special breed of retro-pop.
The last time Class Actress released anything in full was the Journal Of Ardency E.P. which was a delicious slice of hazy-sleek 80s electro pop. One of the most interesting opinion pieces that I've read about Class Actress' latest releases has been that " if you're waiting for La Roux's next album to come out, Class Actress' provides a great tide-me-over". While I could see where someone could make that comparison, I can't quite say that I agree. (Seeing as Class Actress takes a more hazy-cool approach to 80s-stylings where La Roux emphasizes the anachronistic aspect of the 80s and interprets the 80s in a more clear-cut fashion) Rapprocher is an album that is fully characterized by its foggy, intellectually driven, and seductive 80s electronic beats. Simultaneously, each song seems equally fit to be the music for dozens of haute couture fashion shows, each one carefully embellished with fashionable synths. Elizabeth Harper's vocals though, breathe the most life into the album, illuminating highs and cooling down hot beats with deep and sultry lows. Weekend standing as one of the star tracks of the album is delectable crooning over summer-y weekend days, washed over with runway-fit, stylish, torrential downpours of synth. Need To Know with its somewhat biting lyricism and chill wave vibes, All The Saints with shrill highs, 90-s disco beats and danceable feel, and Missed with its slightly darker feel and subversive melody are all favorite tracks of mine from Rapprocher. Sometimes though, some of the tracks from Rapprocher get lost in their own sound, sometimes becoming forgetful.Though, with that said, Rapprocher is a brilliant debut from Class Actress with each song a beautiful coalescence of hard-driven, retro-inspired beats,  unique/appropriate vocals, and chic-stylings. Definitely one of the best albums I've heard in a while. Be sure to check this album out when it drops on the 18th!

You can download two tracks from Rapprocher, Weekend and Keep You by listening and following the links below.
 Weekend by Class Actress
 Keep You by Class Actress

Remix(es) Of The Day
It is amazing that in about two days, I've found two of my favorite remixes from this year.

Filthy Dukes- Forecast (Vision Of Trees Re-Imagination)

This isn't really a new remix, per ce seeing as it was released around 7 months ago, but I discovered it just recently. It begins as a scattered vocal track, with drum clicks and gear shifts on moist ground soon though, the mix picks up pace and preserves a somewhat ambient vocal feel. But the climax of the song, when the bass kicks in, is so subtle but so incredibly massive. I love remixes that can express such a sense of danceable cool without having to completely destroy the low-key feel of the mix. So much praise for this one.

Patrick Wolf- Together (Garçon Garçon Remix)

Patrick Wolf's Lupercalia was a gorgeous collection of songs devoted to optimistic melancholy, reminiscent  happiness and sadness, and hope. This remix, just, augh. This remix perfectly blends Patrick's deep vocals and emotional lyricism with a special kind of somewhat eerie sounding, syncopated electro-dance. It's an absolutely gorgeous remix and I cannot get over how well Garçon Garçon translated Patrick Wolf's music into electronic.

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