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"Ceremonials" Review and tracks you should be listening to now.

Florence + The Machine- Ceremonials
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       It was only a couple of years ago that I first downloaded Florence's debut album, Lungs. And, this long awaited album sure took long enough to be released.
I will be honest though, when I say that I was really scared about this album. The two singles released prior to the full album drop, What the Water Gave Me and Shake It Out didn't really please me too much. While I enjoyed Shake It Out more, neither one of them gave me the same kind of visceral imagery, intensity, and powerhouse-explosive vocals. I've grown to enjoy both songs but, neither one of them gave me a ton of hope for the rest of the album. I still bought the album though and I was not disappointed whatsoever. Though some of the songs, upon first listen, seem somewhat soft-spoken (similar to my initial reaction to Lungs), but, once you play the songs loud and listen closely, it is impossible not to be enveloped by Welch's brilliant, crimson vocals and her familiar percussive and, no pun intended, ceremony-chant-like sound. Welch's lyricism hasn't taken a fall either, her favored images of blindness, watery graves, ghosts and the otherwise intangible. Though Florence has preserved much of what she is loved for, she does not cease to leave room for experimentation. Remain Nameless is heavily nineties inspired with chilled out electro as the base of the track as opposed to heavy percussion, harp, and the other instruments akin to Florence's music. Breaking Down is beautifully ambient, characterized deeply by the valleys and canyons carved by Florence's murmurings.
        Standout tracks from Ceremonials like No Light, No Light, Spectrum, and Bedroom Hymns resplendently display Welch's remarkable voice and ability to create truly captivating, heartbreaking, beautifully written music. No Light, No Light captures a deep sense of ambiguity and ambivalence and is probably my favorite song from the album and smashed all my fears of an album without knockout vocals. Spectrum is catchy, disco-primed, and sure to become a hit and Bedroom Hymns  is slightly religiously critical and complimented by pagan imagery and wailing vocals. Florence has avoided any sense of a sophomore slump and has created an album that has reminded everyone of how she is the reincarnation of some ancient pagan queen, not only in terms of the album's title, but in lyricism, and in vocal prowess. Ceremonials is genuinely one of the best albums of the year vividly presenting creativity, imagination, accessibility, and sounds that will delight both old and new fans. 10/10

Songs you should be listening to now:

Kaskade- Turn It Down
This song features the Swedish electro duo Rebecca & Fiona. Who, are pretty spectacular in their own respect and whom I am VERY TEMPTED to write a Music To Discover about, we'll see, probably. 
But anyway, their monotone vocals and stylish electronic sound combine brilliantly with Kaskade's musical ventures. Which, his most recent album, Fire & Ice , is a brilliant piece of dance music with a double take on each track a pulsating "fire" version of each to compliment a chilled out more instrumental "ice" retake. 
Can't stop listening to this song. 

Holy God it has been so long since I have posted anything about Little Boots.
Well, she's finally got a new song that she wants the world to hear. Placed at the end of her fabulous Shake Until Your Heart Breaks mix tape (featuring herself, Jessica 6, Metronomy, and so much more GO CHECK IT OUT) her newest effort does not disappoint. Echoing the likes of Kylie Minogue, the song is a piece of effortlessly chic piece of dance-pop that makes me all the more excited for the full on return of Little Boots. If this is any indication of what's to come, then there is a blazingly bright future ahead. 

M83- Midnight City
Don't jump to conclusions!
I have heard this song already, I know the audio leaked like 3 months ago. I just finally got into now. 
This whole song is just 100% brilliance, reminding me a bit of Van She and Cut Copy, I can't help but be embraced by the duplicitous vocals, the electro vibes, and the pure brilliance of it all.

Ideally I will have a music to discover tomorrow!
Love you all,
Au revoir!

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