Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Best Remixes of 2011

I've been too busy listening to Kpop, learning Kpop choreography, and playing video games to function lately. Sorry!

Anyway. Here are my favorite remixes of 2011, in no particular order!
Also this post is going to be long AF.
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Plage (Cumpophonic Remix)- Crystal Fighters

I stillt think it is really cool how much Crystal Fighters have blown up this year. This chilled out disco remix is one that brings Plage down to incredibly cool and illustriously chic levels. A pretty perfect remix if you ask me.

Judas (Hurts Remix)- Lady Gaga

This incredibly dystopian and industrial take on Gaga's hit, Judas, is one of the best Gaga remixes ever. Hurts added an undefinable creativity, somewhat dubstep inspired piece of inspiration to this song that it didn't have before.

Shake It Out (Benny Benassi Remix)- Florence + The Machine

I'll be honest when I say that Benny Benassi isn't my favorite dj. But this retake on Shake It Out turns the inspiring, slightly macabre anthem into a dance floor filler, props for that.

Somebody That I Used To Know (Dan Aux Remix)- Gotye

With a more danceable spin to the emotional crooner, this song transforms into not only one of the best songs of the year but also one of the best remixes. A delicious little mix from New Zealand.

Garden (Calibre Remix)- Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

Perhaps my favorite DNB remix of 2011. Chilled out, relaxing, ambient, and vocally soothing, this remix takes the blips and bloops of the ever so cool T.E.E.D and turns them into a remix that is not only cool but strangely, arcanely cerebral.

Countdown (Jack Beats Remix)- Beyoncé

Completely different than older Jack Beats work, this remix practically turns the horn into a figment of DNB. Fast paced, hard to keep up with and undeniably addictive.

Rolling In The Deep (Jamie XX Shuffle)- Adele

I really love Adele but we all know that between Rolling In The Deep and Someone Like You, her music was EVERYWHERE. Jamie XX's absolutely brilliant remix of the song gave Rolling In The Deep new life. Love love love.

Asthma Attack (WAWA Remix)- CocknBullKid

This lovely song by CocknBullKid gets a simple remixing while still preserving what made the original great. Lovely.

Together (Garçon Garçon Remix)- Patrick Wolf

AUGH. I know I said these remixes weren't in order of favoritism but were I to place them in order this would easily be in the top five. Such a gorgeous gorgeous remix, full of emotion, moody synths and just pure magnificence.

Beat Of My Drum (Happy Hotdog Remix)- Nicola Roberts

Nicola Roberts' debut solo track is given a simple house-y transformation that proves that sometimes simplicity is what is best.

Safari Disco Club (BeatauCue Remix)- Yelle

While not my absolute favorite off of Yelle's sophomore album, the rave sirens in this are just so persuasive. Such a clever and underrated remix.

Apollo Throwdown (Star Slinger Remix)- The Go! Team

Star Slinger made quite the name for himself this year. One of my favorite remixes by him is this one here, somewhat scattered sounding, marvelously chaotic, but still catchy as hell with the droning plucking of strings. I still love The Go! Team.

Rain Tears (Crystal Fighters Remix)- Get People

With lyrics that are simultaneously confusing and deep and a trans-terrestrial beat, Crystal Fighters further proved their worth with this fabulous, otherworldly remix. The best part is when it "drops" and the reverberation of a thousand synths mirror rain drops.

Chorea (Stay + Remix)- Esben & The Witch

I love this remix so much that I choreographed a dance to it.
Bleak, dark, ominous, and full of brilliance this mix is everything you'd want from a wonderful, ethereal, gothic rave.

Sadness Is A Blessing (Gold Panda Remix)- Lykke Li

Just. So. Beautiful.

Days (Azari & III Remix)- Creep

Marvelously 90s house and incredibly stylish. This Azari & III is one that could cut diamonds works perfectly with the witch house stylings of Creep and the intriguing vocals provided by Romy XX.

Que Veux Tu (Madeon Remix)- Yelle

I just love this remix. It is so wistful, so free, and just feels very liberating. With a pulsing bass, shattered synths, and Yelle's apropos vocals it is just wonderful.

Forecast (Vision of Trees Remix)- Filthy Dukes

This distorted and heavily dance-oriented remix is one with the most perfect, subversive bass drop of 2011. With the clicks of percussion like tumblers in a lock, this mix is characterized by a veritable cavalcade of synths, dousing you in dance.

Behold (Botnek Remix)- BeatauCue

Such an underrated. Well thought out and cleanly executed, this remix finds itself not only unique in its drop but also very, very captivating.

Marry The Night (Zedd Remix)- Lady Gaga

My opinion on Marry The Night is a weird one. I love the song for its vocals and lyrics but it isn't my favorite song because of its production and its sound in general. This remix though preserves the brilliance of the lyrics and vocals and adds a grimy, danceable finish to it. Excellent, in my opinion.

Far Nearer (Ollie MacFarlane Bootleg)- Jamie XX

I don't really need to justify why this is on here.

Video Voyeur (Adrian Lux Remix)- The Good Natured

While I can't say that Video Voyeur is my favorite song by The Good Natured, it is undeniably a good song. This remix adds a very cold, uncaring tone to the vocals that is fully complimented by the trance-like electronics of the rest of this danceable remix.

Think I forgot something? Let me know in the comments or on twitter @JacobCypherle.
I hope everyone had/is having a lovely holiday.
Much love!

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