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Best Songs of 2011: 50-26

I know, I've fallen off the face of the earth again.
But, let me express some unpopular opinions. The main reason for the lack of veritable Music To Discover Posts this year simply lies in the fact that I had a hard time finding music to get REALLY EXCITED about this year. Yes, there were some absolutely spectacular albums and releases this year but, as a whole, I've found it harder to find music or new artists that I am really pumped for.
Perhaps I just wasn't looking hard enough and I'm sure I won't please everyone by what I've said but, it's just my opinion.

With that said, I've decided to begin compiling my list of "Best of 2011"-things early. This year, for the first time, I'm featuring the Best songs of 2011. LET ME JUST SAY THOUGH. I am not organized, nor inspired enough, to post these songs in order so just because, say, Jessie J lands at number 49, it doesn't actually mean I think her song was the 49th best this year.

So, in short.

50) Brown Eyed Girls- Sixth Sense
I couldn't, in any sort of right mind, create a "best songs of 2k11" list without including k-pop. Brown Eyed Girls marked their long awaited return this year with their soul-infused and retro-chic single, Sixth Sense. With stellar vocals and rhythm that could take even the most jaded, retro-music hater fall in love, Brown Eyed Girls have easily won their place in the best tracks of the year. 

49) Ungirthed- Purity Ring
With a pulsating, undeniable beat, slick synths, and distorted and perfectly matching vocals, Ungirthed is one hell of a song.
Enough said.

48) RuPaul- The Beginning
Now. This may be an unpopular opinion to place on my blog. Especially seeing as RuPaul doesn't have the same kind of "hipster-cred" that many of the artists here do. However, that isn't going to stop me. I f-ing love RuPaul, and RuPaul's music easily surpasses 90% of top 40 radio music. Declaring this song as any less than a floor-filling semi-channeling of Cher would be heresy.

47) Crazy For You ft. Annie- Designer Drugs
Whenever Designer Drugs combine their efforts with Annie, it always results in marvelousness. While Designer Drugs are best known for their 90s rave style, they've leaked slightly into a more pop-oriented style with this song. This transition though, flows spectacularly and with no avail.

46) My Sister Says The Saddest Things- Grimes
Grimes' fabulous brand of dark-pop with unique vocals and a pulsating, tough as nails percussive beat equates to a pure sense of musical mastery. One of my absolute favorite songs by Grimes. Such a unique, surreal, and fresh artist.

45) I Don't Know What To Do ft. Jeppe- The Magician
This delicious piece of piano house is really topped off by Jeppe's brilliant and unique vocals. One of the brightest gems of Kitsune's aggregate releases in 2011, I Don't Know What To Do is the picture perfect dance-floor treatment of heartbreak.

44) White Horse- Jessica 6
The debut of Jessica 6 was, easily, one of the best debuts of the year. White Horse, being one of the star tracks from the album just shouts out sensual, chic-style. Nomi Ruiz's vocals are a think of hypnotism, I'm so obsessed with her voice, it's outrageously addictive. Garnering attention from Mugler's Nicola Formichetti, this song also found itself as soundtrack to the erotic, fashion film, "Brothers Of Arcade, made by Mugler this year. 

43) Promises- Nero
It would feel wrong not to put Nero on this list somewhere. I know some of you may be tired of hearing about Nero, but, well, too bad. Because, in reality, Promises really is one of the best tracks of the video fit with a surreal, futuristic video to match.

42) All The Saints- Class Actress
While it isn't the most lauded track on Class Actress' debut album--usually it is The Weekend or Keep You-- All The Saints is my favorite. I particularly like this song for its malleability, the song changes quite often throughout its 4 minutes and 24 seconds. Vocally speaking this song, too, wins my favor with its Class Actress' famous sultry style and simple-chic sound.

41) Gucci Gucci- Kreayshawn
Let me just say. I really hate myself for liking this song. I mean, to me it is just a gigantic guilty pleasure. But, really, you can't deny the astronomical amount of catchiness song it has.
And well, yeah, moving on….

40) Somebody I Used To Know- Gotye

One of the biggest tracks in Australia this year.
Beautiful vocals, perfect song. 

39) Ni**as In Paris- Kanye West & Jay Z
Watch The Throne is an album made by its brilliant usage of sampling. I mean, I don't know who came up with the idea to sample Blades Of Glory for this song, but, whoever did, props. Probably one of my favorite rap songs of 2011. How could you not like the beat?

38) Polish Girl- Neon Indian
I was in Poland for about 2 hours this year, in the airport in Warsaw.
And, humorously, this song slightly does remind me of the Warsaw airport. Decorated in futuristic orange and steel, the airport cleanly matches the clean, sleek and futuristic sound of the song. Accentuated by bleeps and clicks, the song slightly, ever so slightly, echoes Crystal Castles. But, the song is so electronically cerebral and almost like pop that it stands clearly as a different style of music altogether.

37) Money- The Drums
Easily the best track of the band's sophomore album, Portamento. Money perfects the idea of a catchy-as-hell hook and chorus. Money is a relatable song as well, 
"I want to buy you something
But I don't have any money, 
no I don't have any money."

36) The Drummer- Niki & The Dove
Okay. This song really is just the beautiful amalgamation that would happen if you smashed Kate Bush with Bjork and pulsating electronics together. The cold reverberation of percussion in this song really compliments the vocals beautifully. Collectively, The Drummer is an outright declaration of existence, a declaration of resplendent artistry.

35) Deep Water Heartbreaker- FOE
It has already been established that FOE's ability to craft songs that are acutely critical of society by dagger-pointed lyricism is something to marvel at. Deep Water Heartbreaker is a chunk of pure antipathy, a song not based in cheerfulness, it's a song that makes you sing along as much it does poignantly criticize.

34) Changed The Way You Kiss Me- Example
This song's beat is a monster and is enough to land it a spot in one of my favorites.
Lyrically I can't say it is my favorite song ever but the sleek sound, electronics, and room filling bass, augh.

33) Sadness Is A Blessing- Lykke Li
Wounded Rhymes is a beautiful album by a beautiful artist. Sadness Is A Blessing is not only a wonderful example of unique and original lyricism but also of focuses sorrow into something truly, truly beautiful. While some fawn most over I Follow Rivers, which is a good song in its own respect, Sadness Is A Blessing beautifully floats over the heads and hearts of listeners.

32) Cruel- St. Vincent
This is really the first song I've actually ever liked by St. Vincent.
With on point vocals, jangly guitars that perfectly match the lyrics, and a somewhat haunting ambience, the song is fantastic, just really fantastic.

31) You Know What I Mean- Cults
The best song of their debut, if you ask me. Beautifully retro and sixties the song is somehow eerily romantic. Especially with the striking contrast between beautiful, soft melodies and sharp striking guitars, there is a sense of juxtaposition that energizes the song to surprising levels. Even the lo-fi sound works here, remarkably well even. I love this song, I'll say it. 

30) Midnight City- M83
While it is true that much of the attention to this song, of late, has been generated by its usage in a Victoria's Secret commercial, you cannot say that takes away from the song's quality. Imbued with all kind of electronic energy and creativity, this song can even sophisticatedly boast a saxophone solo. 

29) Heaven- Emeli Sandé
Another addition to the always growing lineup of neo-soul divas with powerful voices. This song is incredibly powerful, exploding with talent, and proof that simple is sometimes all that is needed. She's definitely one to look out for in 2012.

28) You Need Me On My Own- Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
It's TEED.
Of course it is good.

27) Asthma Attack- CockNBullKid
I freaking love CockNBullKid. And this song, this song, is so deeply cerebral and well thought. As a song, with a chorus somehow fit with incongruity, it is so damn catchy. A perfect example of great music from an absolutely outstanding album. 

26) Take Me Over- Cut Copy
Cut Copy's Zonoscope may have been different their their older efforts but, that isn't a bad thing. Take Me Over is, in my opinion, the best song off of Zonoscope. Fit with their somewhat emotionally wrought lyrics and their ability to craft danceable tragedies. 

Stay tuned for the Best Songs of 2011: 25-1, as well as the Best Remixes of 2011 and Best Albums of 2011.
Have a lovely and safe weekend everyone.
Much love.

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