Monday, January 2, 2012

Forecast: 2012

One of the first questions I always have at the advent of a new year is, "what is music going to be like this coming year?"
Here is my list of artists that I predict will blow up in 2012. Of course, this is just a formal list, if you want more, be sure to look through the rest of my "Music To Discover"-posts.

1) Charli XCX
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When you combine the simple efforts from her single "Nuclear Seasons" and her collab with Alex Metric on "End Of The World", it is only obvious that Charli XCX will blow up at some point in 2012. From sleek electronics to cool lyricism and just an overall effortlessly cool image, I can't wait to see more.

2)Azealia Banks
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2011's "212" by Azealia Banks was, damn, an explosive tracks. Incredibly in your face, quick rapping, and sexually forward, Azealia Banks presents herself as a rapper ripe for success in 2011. Super NSFW most of the time but that is part of her addictive, hard-to-not-listen-to charm.

3) Girls Generation
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To say that this group is on the rise would be kind of the wrong thing to say. Because, if you do any kind of research on Girls Generation, you'll discover that they already have a fan base larger than some small countries. However, I will say that I predict that Girls Generation will make a bigger impact on a bigger audience this coming year, hopefully.

4) Niki & The Dove
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If quality of remixes is any indication of success in the future then Niki & The Dove
 will be propelled to stardom. Of course Niki & The Dove
's unique synthesis of style, club friendly beats, and pensive atmosphere are all the greatest indication of success in the future. Niki & The Dove
 is some kind of originality and it is WONDERFUL.

5) Emeli Sandé
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Already blowing up in the U.K. Emeli Sandé's fabulous voice is one that I meant to feature a LONG. LONG. time ago. But because of time and my lack of organization I never got to it. Her voice though is just really amazing and inspiring. She's just going to get bigger and bigger.

6) Saint Saviour
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With a big voice and an even bigger sense of artistry, Saint Saviour is an artist that will, in the very least, gain a gigantic cult following in 2012.

7) Purity Ring
 (image with
Carefully crafted and mixed electronics? Check. Unique, somewhat eery but still cool atmosphere? Check.
Purity Ring has the kind of unique, niche, appeal that Crystal Castles do. Prepare to hear Purity Ring on Skins this January because you know it'll happen.

8) Trippple Nippples
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While it is hard to say exactly how far Trippple Nipppleswill go, it is my greatest hope that we see more from them. Trippple Nippples have even garnered attention from the great Pharrell Williams and if that is any indication to how high they'll go, well, that's pretty damn high.

9) Hyuna
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Out of the 1 billion+ Kpop solo artists I could have picked, I picked Hyuna (HyunA). Why?
Because Hyuna has a kind of musical appeal and stylistic appeal that really appeals to more western audiences. Her single, "Bubble Pop" was even dubbed one of the best songs of 2011 making Hyuna the only Asian musician to be placed on the list. Hyuna's incredibly catchy music and popular appeal will surely make an even bigger mark soon.

10) Get People
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Just listen, you'll understand why they'll blow up.
With appeal similar to Bloc Party's, Two Door's, Is Tropical's and so many others, I hope to see Get People way more in the future.

11) Labyrinth Ear
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Between Labyrinth Ear's lyrics, spectral sound, and vocals, it is obvious that they're set for success. With growing popularity for both their original work, this year's "Amber" was a wonderful track and their masterful remixing abilities (their remix of "Walk On The Moon" is wonderful), I'd be surprised to not see them more in 2012.

12) Stay +
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Crafting some of the eeriest, most ominous, but arcanely beautiful rave tracks of 2011, Stay + will likely rise into popularity in 2012. Capable of producing not only chilled out, eerie dance tracks, Stay + has also sculpted spectral rave remixes out of artists like Esben & The Witch

13) Daughter
(image from">Daughter molds aspects of haunting vocals, carefully precise guitar work, ambient-sound, and genuine, visceral lyricism that collectively create a brilliant sound.  A sound that is so penetratingly beautiful and really stays with you. Just amazing, absolutely amazing.

Also in 2012.
I look forward to:

- Seeing kpop growing more popular as a genre
- New releases from La Roux, Little Boots, FOE, and The XX.
- And much much more that I don't know.

I hope everyone had a great New Year's!
Much love!

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