Sunday, January 8, 2012

Songs You Should Be Listening To #3

Hello all!
I'm currently swamped with the world's worst group project at school and being busy with applying to colleges. This is just a quick post in the interim.

Labyrinth Ear- Humble Bones

This song is just. Auuughghhhh.
Labyrinth Ear's newest ep. Apparitions is set to drop on Feb. 7th. And you all know how much of a fan I've been for a while now. Well "Humble Bones" is so fantastically synth pop, so vocally charming, and so so addicting. This song gives me chills. Amazing.

Lois & The Love- Eye Of The Storm
 Eye Of The Storm by Lois & The Love 
More rock & roll than I usually post about. But the vocals are just so. good. With thumping drums and striated guitars this song is wholeheartedly addictive.
Keep an eye on this band here.

A Banquet- Freeze To Caress

This gem of a band comes from the Czech Republic.
With a cool, matured, and sleek sound, A Banquet combines both soothing, melodic vocals with the harshness of slightly macabre and somber lyrics. This song is quite dark but is incredibly hard to stop listening to. A Banquet has an amazing sound and should absolutely be more well known. They've also got a brilliant cover of Crystal Castles' "Not In Love". Don't miss these guys.

Wishing everyone a pleasant weekend!
Much love,

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