Monday, February 13, 2012

The Grummy, I mean, Grammy Awards

I'm going to express some, probably, unpopular opinions regarding the Grammy Awards. While I'm happy enough for some of the artists I think there were some GAPING. GIGANTIC. UNFORGIVABLE MISTAKES.

However. Keep in mind, I don't take the Grammys terribly seriously. In many respects it is a popularity contest based on either popularity or record sales. Which I don't even want to get into the politics of it all or anything I'm just saying, I don't agree with everything.

Category: Best Dance Recording
Who won: "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites"- Skrillex
Who should have won: "Call Your Girlfriend"- Robyn

I mean. Just. Ugh.
No shade, but Skrillex? Just no. Skrillex has "opened many minds to dubstep". Oh did I say dubstep? I meant BROSTEP. "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites"isn't a particularly fascinating song nor does it really stay true to dubstep as a sound. Again, I don't want to just bash Skrillex but come on...

Why Robyn should have won:  While I will say that "Call Your Girlfriend" is NOT my favorite song from Body Talk, it is still an amazing song. Particularly one that has launched a whole new form of interest in electronic music through things like Robyn's performance on SNL. Not only does Robyn's creative value shine more, to me, her capabilities of performing as an artist are far greater than pressing a space bar.

Category: Best Dance/Electronica Album
Who won: Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites- Skrillex
Who should have won: Body Talk- Robyn

I don't want to even tell this story again.
See above.


Category: Best R&B Album
Who won: F.A.M.E.Chris Brown
Who should have won: Anyone but Chris Brown

I look forward to a day when we don't venerate people who are domestic abusers. Particularly a culture that doesn't inadvertently support domestic abuse. Chris Brown is an asshole and shouldn't be given awards for being an asshole. Straight up. Simultaneously, how R&B is Chris Brown?
Also. To those who say "but he's on top of his game",  I guess I'm also sad that now being "on top of your game" means lip syncing, becoming a worse dancer, and jumping around a pyramid Q-bert style. Bravo!

Play him off keyboard cat!

Category: Best Score Soundtrack For Visual Media
Who won: The King's Speech- Alexandre Desplat
Who should have won: Tron Legacy- Daft Punk

This is one that I'm not terribly fumed about. Although I loved The King's Speech, I can't really say that I remember anything about the music from the film.

Why Daft Punk should have won: Daft Punk's efforts on the Tron soundtrack are not only great feats of crossover music ( where you could go and dance to the album and not know it was a soundtrack) but also just a generally iconic and memorable piece of work. Especially when considering it is Daft Punk's first new work in FOREVER.

Category: Best Long Form Video
Who won: Foo Fighters: Back and Forth- Foo Fighters
Who should have won: I Am...World Tour- Beyoncé

Clearly, no one actually watched Beyoncé's video because HAVE YOU SEEN BEYONCÉ PERFORM?

Why Beyoncé should have won: HAVE YOU SEEN BEYONCÉ PERFORM?

I could continue on with this type of thing but I don't want to...


- The fact that Lady Gaga didn't win anything. Not to sound like a conspiracy theorist but I think that they sort of set her up to fail by nominating "Yoü And I" for Best Pop Solo Performance. Really? That was the song by Gaga to nominate? I like "Yoü And I" alright but I hardly find it to be the best of her songs.
- The giant mass-extinction the whole thing was. I mean.
- Chris Brown is still famous.

That's all I can think of right now.
I'll post again soon! I promise!
Much love!

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