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Music To Discover: 69

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From London, this duo is mixing up R&B with chilled out synths and electro vibes. Made up of Aluna Francis (vocals) and George Reid (music), the two met through the internet and soon after began to make music with each other. Encapsulating a soulful vibe with glitchy electronics, AlunaGeorge's sound is both euphonious and intriguing. Listening to AlunaGeorge requires a specific form of carefulness, to fully appreciate their sound you must deconstruct each of their songs into their respective layers. With a couple singles in their discography this is a band that is sure to develop a following with their hypnotic, glitchy, and too good to be true-sound. 

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My discovery of AlunaGeorge came through a remix. Specifically, AlunaGeorge's remix of the infamous Lana Del Rey's "Born To Die". I was surprised because I am not really a big fan of Del Rey's but the remix moved me a bit. AlunaGeorge's take on the song stripped "Born To Die" of its somewhat stuffy 'emotional' value and allowed the song to take a more believable emotional sense to it. The remix, essentially, took the stuffy seriousness out of the song and turned it into a glitchy, believable ballad. I freaking love that remix.

This discovery then led me to discovering the Lapalux Bass Ballad remix of AlunaGeorge's original song "I Know You Like It" which I liked a lot. Particularly the vocals but something wasn't totally there for me. The mix almost takes too much out of the energy, makes the original a bit too chilled out. 

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As such, I began to investigate more of AlunaGeorge's original work and well here we are. I will begin with the same song, my favorite, "I Know You Like It". Aluna Francis opens the song with the lyrics "Some people want me to be heads or tails". Slightly ambiguous, the lyrics reflect the general feel of the song. You don't know, totally, what you're hearing because there is so much to hear within the song. You can't place a single meaning upon the lyrics as they could mean so many things. Francis delivers such an indescribable energy that is cool, up front, and matter of fact. Notably, "I Know You Like It" is incredibly chic, it is a song (not to mention the video) that develops an arcane swagger out of layering vocals, unique stylings, and juxtaposition of scattered electronics with straight up lyrics and R&B inspired vocals.

Another favorite of mine by AlunaGeorge is the track "Disobey". Featured on the American version of Skins (ughhhhh) the song is one that is, somehow, more vocally high-pitched and is accompanied by more beeps and bloops that escalate into delirium. It's a strangely beautiful song in a fantastic blissed out and in a seemingly mathematically calculated way. Still, "Disobey" persuades the listener into dancing by virtue of clever craft and presents even more ambiguous lyrics that arouse some unconscious questions.

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"Double Sixes" is one of the most chaotic tracks the band has. With percussion sounding like it was shot across a mirror room, it is an incredibly beat heavy track. Still really interesting though.

AlunaGeorge is easily on the list of bands to watch this year. And, personally, AlunaGeorge is a band that gets me really excited. They have that sound and that look that is fashionable, danceable, but well thought out and incredibly interesting. Jump on this train before everyone you know is talking about AlunaGeorge.

If you like...
-Azealia Banks
-Two Inch Punch
-Purity Ring
then you need to check AlunaGeorge out.

Check out their songs.
-I Know You Like It
-Born To Die (AlunaGeorge Remix)
-Double Sixes

You Know You Like It

Remixes Of The Day

Miike Snow- Paddling Out (Jacques Lu Cont)
Everyone has been waiting for new Miike Snow. While I haven't heard anything that has totally blown my mind, yet, everything released so far has been incredibly satisfying to listen to. This remix is incredibly vivacious, fun, and palpably joyful.

Bonobo- The Keeper (Banks Remix)
This rapturous remix is spectral, somewhat macabre but totally captivating. Consistent and syncopated percussion compliments the cool whirring and droning of the rest of the song. Artfully crafted and a perfect example of trip-hop at its best. 

Safari- Doubt (T.G.H.I.V.E. Remix)
It is just so tropical. With interesting and pleasant vocals the whole track develops into a dance-friendly, almost piano-house-y trip to paradise.

That's all for today.
Hope everyone is having a pleasant beginning to the week.

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