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Music To Discover: 70

Ruby Goe

Born in Surrey, Ruby Goe was exposed to Prince, jazz, Salt & Pepa, Nina Simone, and Afrika Bambaataa records from a young age. After attending Brighton Music Academy, she moved to London and learned to play the keyboard and the guitar. Once in London, she became to develop a cataclysmically unique musically style which she refers to as "retro-futuristic alternative pop". This unique sound is one that is a marvelous amalgam of Goe's uniquely soulful yet squeaky vocals, pop smashed up with hip-hop, and simultaneously cutting edge and retro synths. Goe's incredibly sharp and biting lyricism suggest a musical understanding greater than just pop-music, Ruby Goe is a musical force, and ferocious musical force at that.
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Ruby Goe is really, in many respects, the beautiful thing that would happen if you combined parts of Amanda Blank with Robyn with CocknBullKid and a few others. Of course, I don't want to define Ruby Goe by using other artist but you know what I mean. Also. Ruby Goe is hella chic, wonderfully stylish.

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Straight into it, the first song I heard by Ruby Goe was "Get On It". Primed with an incredibly dance worthy, bass obvious beat, the song opens up rather excitingly. There is a continuing theme with syncopated percussion and club-friendly beats and synths. Lyrically, the whole song plays with the ambiguous with the really NOT-ambiguous. "I get on it" in it of itself has a ton of meanings, is it an innuendo? Is she talking about getting on the bus? (Yes, she references a specific bus line within the song.) Is she talking about getting on top of her game?
Yes to all of those questions and no to all of those questions? The rest of the song's more obvious lyrics are, at points, somewhat raunchy. "Get On It" is one hell of a song with lyrical sharpness and lyrical accessibility for the listener. Goe wears hoody-dresses and takes the bus, far easier for the everyday music connoisseur to relate to than taking private jets to the Seychelles while being drenched in Dior.

"Keys" is another favorite of mine by Ruby Goe. Super retro, "Keys" is gorgeously synthed up and so deliciously sassy in its lyrics. Moreover, "Keys" is a really really catchy song. I've found myself working on a painting or eating or trying to go to sleep and all of a sudden "I've got the keys to your ca-ca-ca-ca-ca-a-a-a-a-r" just happens and it never goes away. "Keys" is just a really brilliant, dance-y, pop record.

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To touch more upon Ruby Goe's vocals, you have to bring up "Ghost". "Ghost" is a crystalline, beautifully soulful song. Through her powerful vocals, the lyrics ("like a ghost, you'll be a picture in a frame") become more lively, more tangible, more emotional. Production wise, the rest of the song is a low-key electronic romp with subtle but powerful bass, scattered drum beats, and reverberation to add to the overall spectral idea of the song.

Ruby Goe is bound to supernova into pop-stardom. Her lyrics are so on point and so cutting. Should I just reiterate that she can make a catchy track with a reference to Bambi and a reference to taking the bus. THAT is how good of a songwriter she is. Every track she has is a masterpiece.  Her "retro-futuristic alternative pop" is something to marvel at and keep an eye on. 

If you like...
-Amanda Blank
than you better give Ruby Goe a listen.

Check out her songs.
-Get On It
-Beat Breaking Boy

Remix of The Day
Rusko-Somebody To Love (Skream Remix)
This one takes some time to build up.
But ohmygod. When it drops. 

K-Pop of The Day
Miss A- Touch

It is seldom that I actually get to jump on the "look at this new k-pop song/video/performance" because usually I'm a day or so late and by then it seems too ubiquitous to post about. But I actually am writing about this one the day it came out. Yay!!!
I am a gigantic fan of Miss A, I love their music, I love their look, I love their style, I love the band members, etc... etc... While I wouldn't say this is my favorite song of Miss A's, the eery, witch-house inspired synths are a nice touch to their low key and subdued vocals. Vocally the song is relatively sweet and pleasant sounding, though, a bit flat at points. And of course, like their hit "Breathe", their choreography is fabulously detailed, minute, and robotically sharp.
I'm a fan.

I shall leave you with Charli XCX's newest release. "Valentine" is a wonderfully heartbrokenly romantic song. Literally the best song about the holiday I've heard.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.
Love you all!

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