Sunday, March 18, 2012

Songs You Should Be Listening to #5

Sorry for the lateness. You know.
Performances+college stuff+everything else= no time.

I'm shooting for a more full length post in the next day or so.

Santigold- Disparate Youth

While this song came out 3 weeks ago. I still cannot get over it. It is so typically Santi, genreless, well thought out, but still so unique. The song is hypnotic, enveloping, echoes some of her older work more than some of her other new songs. I absolutely adore this song.

Marina & The Diamonds- Homewrecker

Marina Diamandis' newest album, Primadonna,  is basically going to rock the world because literally every track she has released from it is on point and absolutely perfect. Her transformation into this cynical pop-queen is just fucking amazing. Homewrecker is a piqued by spoken vocals sounding like they are uttered through a telephone, appropriately sharp/pointed lyrics, and a knockout chorus. Amazing.

 Ladyhawke- Black White & Blue

THANK GOD. (It isn't THAT amazing a track, to be honest, but, the point is, she's back.)

And, current guilty pleasure.

See you all soon!

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