Saturday, April 28, 2012

Interview With Cinnamon Girl

I was fortunate to catch up with the addictive Cinnamon Girl. Who talked with me about her creative process, her musicality, the potential for the future, and her hats.

(image from Helen Kirkbright Photography)

For those of you who don't know who Cinnamon Girl is. Cinnamon Girl, aka Camilla Roholm, is a London-based (by way of Denmark) electronic musician. Roholm writes, produces, and records all her own music. With releases, especially with her most recent release Friends, Cinnamon Girl has earned comparisons to many 80s and 90s popstars. With clean production and roaring synths, Cinnamon Girl presents electro-pop for complex audiences and draws the listener into her captivating, hybrid sound.

On to the interview!

Chromatist: Hello Cinnamon Girl! How are you doing? How have things been?
Cinnamon Girl: I'm good thank you. Things are excellent, apart from the absolutely abysmal weather in London of late.

C: How has it been with the critical success of Friends? Were you expecting the likes of PopJustice to give you praise?
CG: Well I was certainly hoping, but I never expected anything, so I'm over the moon.

C: Could you explain to me what you like to write about/ Or what some of your songs mean to you in terms of their lyricism?
CG: They're just about my life in general. I couldn't' write about anything I didn't know, although I may embroider on things a little at times. I suppose it makes writing them a little cathartic, which can't be bad for the brain.

C: How would you describe your sound, describe yourself?
CG: I can't! It feels really weird trying to analyze yourself like that and nice people like yourself are doing such a marvelous job, so I'm gonna be lazy and leave that to you.

C: I'm really loving your voice, as I mentioned in my feature post I say you're kind of like the crossover child of Gwen Stefani, Cyndi Lauper, Charli XCX, and Marina Diamandis. Would you say your voice is influenced by any one person or musician, or just your musical background as a whole?
CG: Thank you! Those are all ladies with superb lungs that should be admired. I can't pin point a particular influence where my voice is concerned though. It has always just come out of my mouth sounding that way, and I have never tried to forcefully shape it in any direction. I think I get the Gwen Stefani a lot because she also has a naturally fast vibrato in her voice. I actually just inherited that from my mum, she has that strange high pitched warble in her voice too.

C: What is the creative process like for you?
CG: I usually have melodies arrive in my head just before sleep or waking when you're in that semi-conscious state. I've heard that's very common. I then finish writing the song either on the guitar or the bass. I like writing on the bass because it's kind of limiting, forcing you to stick to the basics. Then I enter my littler recording dungeon at home and start recording a version of it--usually starting by programming the drums then building everything else around them. I have played pretty much all of the instruments on the demos so far. 

(image from

C: From most, if not all, of the pictures I've seen of you, you seem to be wearing that black hat. I'm a fan. You've got a very distinct look (much like the look in the video for Now I Know, also a huge fan). Would you say you're interested in fashion? In style?
CG: Thanks Again! You are very kind Mr. Chromatist. They are actually three different hats of varying sizes. I think I have a bit of a hat fetish, haha. I probably own about two hundred of them, most of them vintage. Quite a few of them are featured at the end of that Now I Know video. It was sort of a way for me to have a silent dig at myself for my ridiculous hat quirk. 

C: What's in the future for Cinnamon Girl? Can the U.S. look forward to seeing more Cinnamon Girl?
CG: I very much hope so. You guys have a great history of embracing female artists before anyone else. I'd love to come play in the U.S one day.

C: Any parting words?
CG: Strawberries. Giglet. Noggin.

Thank you so much Cinnamon Girl, can't wait to see more from you, keep in touch!

Thanks again to Cinnamon Girl for taking the time to answer my questions! Keep an eye on her, check out her facebook here and check out my Music To Discover post on her here.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend so far!

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