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Music To Discover: 71

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Owl Eyes
Brooke Addamo is the sole member of Owl Eyes. A 20 year old singer/songwriter from Melbourne Australia who crafts cool-ly pensive songs dusted to perfection with electronic production. Formerly a contestant on Australian Idol's sixth season, Addamo is now finding herself a home on various charts and with collaborations with producers like Jan Skubiszewski. Having already released 2 eps. Addamo is plotting her debut album and her smart, atmospheric, luxurious brand of electro pop is sure to sweep a world-wide audience. 
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Owl Eyes caught my attention with her most recent single, Crystalised. Crystalised is a dichotomous song, combining soulful vocals with strained vocals, synths that bombard the ear with dance-floor rhythms and breaks that include minimal synth-work. Crystalised reminds me of Little Boots and MNDR and Florrie and Emma Louise and so many more. Not to say that Owl Eyes' work is apocryphal, just that Owl Eyes' sound has this kind of everywhere-sound, her electronic sound seems to be a glittering collage of clicks and beats.

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Pieces by Owl Eyes is a more haunting look into the singer's sound and mind. With reverberated beats and melodies as though they are heard through a rotary telephone and wispy vocals, the ritualized lyrics, "I feel better now, I feel better now, I feel better now, now, now, now", appear more as self-affirmation than matter-of-fact. While lyrically simple, upon further thought, the lyrics are more pensive and minimally brilliant than meets the eye.

Raiders is a more indie-rock type feel. With fewer synths and more emphasis on drums and vocals, this song is catchy as hellll. Her soulful, airy voice is deliciously easy to listen to and the song as a whole is so full of whimsy and energy. Fit with pointed guitars the song walks the fine lines between electronic and indie rock and sing-songwriter

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Perhaps the way which Owl Eyes is best known is by her cover of Foster The People's Pumped Up Kicks which, if you don't know that song by now, I don't know where you've been. (You know what I mean.) Brooke's cover of the top 40 crossover hit though is light, refreshing, and fleeting. It almost seems like it is one of those once in a lifetime things that you only hear once and then spend forever trying to find again later. I can't say it is my favorite piece by Owl Eyes but it is definitely worth mentioning and checking out for fans of her or of Foster The People.

Addamo herself has a very cool sense of style and feel about her. Her fashions are simple but bold and her stylistic look is one that relies on plainly spoken simplicity that works so well.  This chic chanteuse is so set for fame, you will want to know who she is before all your friends start playing her music left and right. Check her out.

If you're a fan of...
-Emma Louise
-Little Boots
then you best give Owl Eyes a listen!

Check out their songs.


Crystalised - Single - Owl Eyes

Remix(es) of The Day
Marina & The Diamonds- Primadonna (BURNS Remix)

Okay. Well. I mean. It's already been established that Primadonna is one of THE songs of 2012 and Electra Heart will be one of THE albums of 2012 as well. This remix though, is very unexpected. I expected something slightly different. But slightly reminiscent of We Plants Are Happy Plants and Clock Opera this remix pulls the song apart and puts it back together to cast a more glitched out, pensive, and melancholic song. Much more a redux of a song than a remix. Fabulous though.

Miike Snow- Devil's Work (Henry Fong Remix)

You can never really have too many Miike Snow remixes expecially ones that translate Miike Snow's arcane style into big-room house so well. HUGE remix.

Other news:


-Mr. Little Jeans- Runaway


Mr. Little Jeans has this distinct ability to make literally perfect music. Between her hypnotic voice, her mixing of electronics, and her luxurious sound as a whole, there is nothing I can criticize. Her newest effort, Runaway is wistful, mesmerizing, alluring, beautiful, danceable, and just. Augh. Amazing. I expect to see this song all over the remix circuit.

-Kate Havnevik- Mouth 2 Mouth

Somewhat DnB inspired, this percussive and kinetic track is uniquely addictive. Upon first listen I was instantly reminded of artists like Imogen Heap and Garbage in terms of the vocals and the combination of somewhat brash and upfront vocals with heavy guitars and percussion. Havnevik's most recent album "You" is brilliant and Mouth 2 Mouth is, upon first listen, an undeniable hook into her sound.

-Sneaky Sound System? Remember them?
Well a while back they came back with a song called We Love which... No shade, but, I couldn't stand that track and I will say that it left me pretty disappointed.
HOWEVER. They also came out more recently with a track called Really Want To See You Again. The song is hella dancey and 90s (as is the video) and it is actually really catchy. Sneaky Sound System is back again!

-Another group that came back? Van She. Oh Van She, one of the main reasons I began blogging, to be quite honest. They were one of the first electronic groups I listened to and led me into a lot of the music I listen to now. Idea of Happiness is their comeback track and they've kept their own musical sensibilities but have adapted it to the times. It is almost like Van She mixed more of their Van She Tech-style into their original work. I really like this track, crazy video.


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