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Music To Discover: 72

Jessie Ware
After completing her degree in English Literature at Sussex University, Brighton,  this Londoner began to work with Man Like Me and Jack Peñate. While touring with Peñate she discovered the music of SBTRKT which sparked her to contact him and work on tracks like Nervous and Right Thing To Do. Since then, Ware's collaborations have spanned from Bristol producer Joker to Sampha and she has become an explosive fireball from the UK underground scene. More recently, Disclosure has remixed Ware's track, Running, and attention to her has exploded since receiving airplay from Annie Mac for both her remix and her newest single 110%.  Her casual mixing of pure vocals, electronics, R&B, and dance music is so contagious, expecting an album sometime within the year from this one.
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Last week, as I was writing the Music To Discover post for Owl Eyes, while I was looking into new music Jessie Ware popped up. But I was just kind of like, "I like her but I'll wait until she comes out with more stuff...". The next day I tuned into the day-old replay of Annie Mac and heard the Disclosure remix of Running. And I was done. This girl is buzzing and is one to watch, she's gonna be huge. After listening to more and more of her music, I'm totally hooked. 

Let's begin with some older stuff first. Jessie Ware's collab with SBTRKT, Nervous is a wobbly track emphasized by Jessie's invested vocals and the peripatetic distorted cacophony of electronics and percussions. The song is a euphonious meeting of both soulful vocals and crossover 80s/90s dance music. It's practically disco given a new style and name but without all the un-coolness. Nervous slows itself down, to a more alluring pace and then finds itself in the same big-room dance zone of sound shortly thereafter. SUCH A CHUNE.

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Valentine, Ware's song with Sampha is an ethereal, atmospheric, and wistful song. It makes sense that it drove YoungTurks crazy, considering its minimal, simple, and altogether creative sound. Sampha's vocals beautifully compliment Jessie's and the whole song appears to mimic the nature of the title, strangely romantic, sunny, and pure.

110% released only a few days is a song driven by a consistent, fast paced pulse that never relents. Ware's vocals and lyrics are carefully precise and offer an observable contrast of smooth and velvet-y to the quick beats and other-worldly synths. Lovely piece of music that keeps me coming back for more, it's been on repeat the past few days.

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Jessie Ware is also so damn chic. All the photos I've seen of her present her as a stylistically simple, classic, and minimal style-icon. The album art for single for Running  as well as for the Disclosure remix presents her in jaw-dropping profile in sleek black. She's minimal yet refined, like much of her music, but still carefully layered and complex below the surface. 

Between her style and her musical capabilities, Jessie Ware is the pop-star of the future. She is already giving tons of reasons to love her music and the genre it resides within. Give her a listen. 

If you like...
- Sampha
- Redlight
- B Traits
then you need to give Jessie Ware a listen!

Check out her songs.
-Running (Disclosure Remix)

Jessie Ware on iTunes

Remix Of The Day
Martin Solveig- The Night Out (The FatRat Remix)

Deliciously atari and simultaneously disco and grime. It is a wonderful meeting of hybrid sounds that form into a remix that is undeniable, danceable, and so so good. 

I'ma also drop off this little cover right here.
Garçon Garçon cover Lana Del Rey's Video Games


'Tis been kind of a slow week if you ask me.
Until next time!

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