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Music To Discover: 73

Cinnamon Girl
Cinnamon Girl, also known as Camilla Roholm is originally from Denmark but by the end of her teens, she moved to London to study performance. Roholm writes, produces, and records all of her own music. Born into a musically inclined family, Camilla found herself always entranced by and constantly involved with music. Roholm's demos for her songs, particularly, Friends have earned her comparisons to many 80s and 90s popstars, between her stylized image and her vocals, she easily draws comparisons as a crossover child between Cyndi Lauper, Gwen Stefani, Marina Diamandis, and Charli XCX. With clean production and roaring synths, Cinnamon Girl presents electro-pop for complex audiences and draws the listener to her captivating, hybrid sound. 
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There is not a whole lot to go off of when talking about Cinnamon Girl considering she has so few releases at this point. However, what there is to talk about is absolutely fabulous and whets the musical palate marvelously. 

Friends is currently the track picking up the most steam. Friends, when I first listened, made me think of a more electro-punk inclined Gwen Stefani. The vibrado in her voice is too perfect and matches the roaring cascades of synth that pique the chorus. An addictive guitar hook spices up the rest of the song. Friends is an addicting song, it gets in your head and doesn't let go. It is a marvelous combination of electro-pop and anti-pop, in other words, pop music that is way too cool to be considered JUST pop music.

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Now I Know is an equally addictive song by Roholm. Characterized by more R&B inspired vocals, more punchy synths, and a more regular bass pulse, Now I Know seems almost dancehall inspired with a moombahton-like drum pace that is sure to get you dancing. Cinnamon Girl's luscious vocals in their vibrado-luxury only make the song better, carving the track out to be complex, and definably unique. The breakdown with just her vocals is just too addicting. 

Your Eyes Are Glass is the most low key of the three tracks, while Now I Know is undeniably dance-y and Friends is more in your face and punk-y. Your Eyes Are Glass is more pensive, lyrically visceral, and is a wonderful tribute to the emotionally melodramatic, androgynous sounds of the 80s. When listening, the synth production is in the forefront sprinkling an ombre atmosphere around the track while the vocals provide a slightly androgynous appeal and spark the emotional melodrama. This track is definitely hot and a perfect piece of 80s electro-pop.

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Cinnamon Girl will surely catch fire real quick. She is a perfect blend of pop and electronic sense with equally anti-pop tendencies. Again, she is pop music that appeals to both people who love pop music and to people who think they don't like pop music. Her voice too, never have I heard a voice like her's quite mixed with electronic the way she does it. 

By the by, Cinnamon Girl is fabulous, needs to be heard, and I'm already in love with her sound. Watch this one!

If you like...
-Gwen Stefani
-Cyndi Lauper
-80s synth-pop
-Oh My!
then you NEED to check out Cinnamon Girl.

Check out her songs.
-Now I Know
-Your Eyes Are Glass


Now I Know
Let's also talk about how chic she looks in these videos. 
Check her soundcloud here and get a free download of Friends from her bandcamppage!

Remix of The Day
Theophilus London- Love Is Real (Fred Falke Remix)
This is one blazing remix. Deliciously disco, this remix is built for the dance floor and is just too perfect for a friday night disco. Augh. Can't get over this one. 

The video for FOE's "A Handsome Stranger Called Death"came out.
And let me say. She is just so clever.  Firstly because I love her mercurial image change with makeup/wigs, etc... And secondly because her usage of projection in so many of her videos aptly reflects her gothic-fronted lyrics that conceal a pop-inspired core. Amazing. 

Have a lovely friday everyone.
I know I'm going to, because I'm seeing Florence today!
Will post this weekend!

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