Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Songs You Should Be Listening To #7

I need to come up with a better title for this section.
Well this monday was kind of blue, but, to set a better precedent for the rest of the week, here are some tracks to help you out.

Purity Ring- Obedear

Obedear is one of those slightly looming but pop-hearted tracks that seem to keep popping up everywhere. With a simple hip-hop inspired beat, ominous lyrics, and ghastly catchy vocals, the track is crisp, clean, sinister, and golden.  Obedear is the first full track to be on Purity Ring's debut album Shrines. You can download Obedear here.

Little Boots- Every Night I Say a Prayer

Little Boots is clearly back. If Shake didn't persuade you, Every Night I Say A Prayer surely will. Brooding, deep, and delectably runway. Full of disco-vibes and 90s-house inspiration, this track is just too good for me not to like. Little Boots has become quite the electro-throwback diva, making all these future classics.

Disclosure ft. Sinead Harnett- Boiling

This track is such a perfect myriad of soul-laden vocals and pulsing electronics. Chilled out raving going on with this track and it is too perfect. TOO PERFECT.

Have a lovely week y'all.

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