Sunday, May 27, 2012

Remixes For Lost Time

So you see. April was a really good month for my blog because I posted for what felt like every ten minutes. But then May happened... And tests... And school... Yeahhhh.
However, you may now know that I am done with compulsory education! If that is even a surprise to anyone. BUT FOR REAL. I'll get back to work.

RAC- Hollywood ft. Penguin Prison (The Magician Remix)

RAC, Penguin Prison, AND The Magician? Gloriously summery this remix euphoniously combines Penguin Prison's voice, RAC's ubiquity, and The Magicians golden nü-disco touch. A perfect remix to blast when you're taking yourself seriously or during a poolside party. Work it out.

Florence + The Machine- Spectrum (Calvin Harris)

Spectrum on its own is soooooo disco. I mean, the production isn't totally but the vocals and the pacing and all of that adds up perfectly. Harris' amplification of electronics catalyzes the track's dancefloor metamorphosis and makes it the perfect marriage of disco and dance, vocals and electronics.

Woodkid- Run Boy Run (TEPR Remix)

I remember when I first started Chromatist I would refer to TEPR as one of my 'holy trinity' of favorite djs. I still love TEPR but I definitely am not silly enough to refer to him in that way anymore. ANYWAY.
TEPR is back with this remix. Sparkly and perfectly complimented by Woodkid's unique voice, this remix transitions from almost electro hop to an all out mish mash of bass-y industrial house stomp. So. Damn. Good.

Cinnamon Girl- FRIENDS (In Golden Tears Remix)

Cinnamon Girl's sound deconstructed. Beautifully cinematic this remix pushes Cinnamon Girl's vocals to the forefront with simple piano in the background and a consistent sense of percussion. A very delicate remix that is both striking in its own right and reserved in its simplicity.
Like this remix? You can get it for free at Cinnamon Girl's bandcamp page.

Full length Music To Discover post soon!

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