Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Charli XCX- You're The One EP

Charli XCX finally released her You're The One EP just this very early morning. I've already been in love with the song after seeing her perform it in a park at SXSW and in an MTV livesession. The title track is the main feature here. You're The One is very different in its produced form than in its minimal performance version ( i mean as minimal as being in a park demands). But the differences are just too perfect. The song is so emotive in its lyrics and its bending electronics at the chorus. However this is juxtaposed with a more ominous droning of electronics that prove why Charli XCX is so often referred to as dark pop. Nuclear Seasons is also on the album and too stands as a fabulous song. Remixes by Blood Orange and Balam Acab also round out the atmospheric feel of the ep.

You're The One

ALSO. Charli XCX released her Heartbreaks And Earthquakes Mixtape. The mixtape is a compilation of Charli's work on her own and with other artists like Blood Orange, Blood Diamonds, and more. The mixtape is pretty much dark-pop in a purely saturated form. A complete compilation of auditory joy, this one. Can't stop listening.

You can download the mixtape for free at charlixcxmusic.com.
(image from http://media.prefixmag.com/site_media/uploads/images/media/c/charli-xcx/charliXCX_jpeg_630x630_q85.jpg)

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