Thursday, June 28, 2012

Interview with Big Wave

Dream-pop, Torquay-based group Big Wave was kind enough to answer some of my questions. I posted about their most recent The Roots Of Lovenbsp;a while ago and it is still, in my opinion, one of the most sharp releases of lo-fi dream pop in a long while. Definitely check out the interview with the 5-piece below!

Chromatist: Hello Big Wave! How have things been, what have you been up to?
Big Wave: Things have been really good thanks! We've just been announced for the End of The Road Festival, our first physical release has sold really well and the sun is HOPEFULLY just around the corner (please let it be so). We are also heading back into the studio to a record a few new tracks this week so keep your ears to the er.... speakers?

C: What made you decide to release The Roots Of Love on cassette tape?
BW: Well there's a bit of a tale to this one. A gentleman in Japan called Teppei emailed us saying how he'd found us through Art is Hard's Dry Rout to Devon compilation and really like the tracks on our first E.P. He asked if he could sell it in his record store in Japan ( The Stone Records, check it out) but we explained that we didn't have anybody to put out a physical release. He then very kindly offered to help us find a label that he hoped would be into our songs. About 3 days later Soft Power got in touch and asked if we'd like to put a cassette out with them and the rest they say is history. 

C: What do you want listeners to take away from your music? Is there any intention you'd like your fans to pick up on?
BW: Hopefully people will take away the melodies on first listen and then begin to pick up on the lyrics and create some kind of bond with the songs. The song writing is fairly traditional but modern influences seep through, we're trying to create music that anyone can appreciate and take pleasure from.

C: What is the creative process like for you guys? Is it organized and more linear or is it more free-form?
BW: Well Ella comes in with a structure or an idea and we work from that. Sometimes it will be a melody or two and a basic guitar part and others the trusty Boss multi track comes out with a few bedroom recordings. The song often changes when we all play it together so in that respect, the sound or aesthetic may have changed completely. so I guess its a bit of both.. the best of both worlds maybe?

C: What have you guys been listening to? What type of music is Big Wave into?
BW: We all came to know each other through hanging out in the same clubs, so we all share a fondness for the indie disco classics (Buzzcocks, Pulp, Blondie, etc...). Other than that we all hae quite different tastes that converge on occasion. Rik has been carrying his torch for the Mac (and Stevie Knicks) for quite some time, Ella digs songs that pull (literally tug) on the heart strings, Pete and Matt like a bit of everything and Mel is queen of the silent disco and has a vast knowledge and appreciation of songs people pretend to hate but, will in fact belt out at the top of their lungs in a quiet room.

C: Do you have a favorite track to perform or a track that you guys have done that is your absolute favorite? Why?
BW: Picking a favourite is tough but we ave a new song called 'Dying On the Vine' which is pretty fun to play live. It has a nice middle 8 which gets pretty noisy towards the end. 'Another Year or Two' is always exciting to play, it brings out the smiles and is a good song to end a show on.

C: Any goals that Big Wave wants to conquer in the coming months/year?
BW: We'd definitely like to put out another release soon. May a AA side this time 'round.  We'd also really like to see a bit more of the country and play places we haven't before (which leaves about 99% left to explore.)

C: How would you say your style or your sound has developed between your first ep and your second?
BW: I'd say we've all progressed as players, on the first EP Matt (drums) has only been playing properly for a few months and the rest of us were all just getting back in to playing in a band. Mel (keys) has never even played in a band before so these are the first songs she's ever been involved with which is pretty incredible really. The recorded sound has matured too, there is a sense of naïveté and innocence in the sound of the first EP which has matured this time around.

C: Anything you want to say to your fans of future fans?
BW: We hope you enjoy the songs on a personal level and if you get the chance to see us play come along. Spread the word, work hard and enjoy life!

C: Any parting words? 
BW: Germany for the euros, the world will end on Dec 221st and we have the self proclaimed 3rd best tambourine player in the world. Peace.

Thanks again to Big Wave for taking the time to answer my questions. Be sure to check out their most recent ep, The Roots of Love here on soundcloud and support the band on facebook at And as previously stated, peace. 

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