Friday, June 1, 2012

Music To Discover: 74

Icona Pop

An incredibly stylish pair of girls from Sweden who make decadent pop music. I mean. This band. I'm just so damn excited about them. The duo's names are Aino Jawo and Caroline Hjelt. They're brand of pop music is a fabulously eclectic collage of nineties analog, surrounding dance music, in your face attitude, and bitingly smart lyricism. Icona Pop's look and sound are undeniable, catchy, and soo exciting. They're definitely one of the sounds of summer, of 2012. 

Bios are tough to find for Icona Pop, at least in my limited search I found they were. But I think I'll let they're music speak for itself. 

I heard I Love It a while back and of course, like all bands I come to love, I passed it by. BUT. After listening to it more it is incredibly obvious that I Love It is one of the best pop-tracks this far into 2012. Opening with shouted out lyrics expounding on alleged recklessness and devil-may care attitude, the track is an addictive dance track with roaring bass and electronics. The bridge of the song though is what really hooked me. 

"You're on a different road, I'm in the Milky Way
You want me down on earth but I am up in space"

Slight discursive but nonetheless narrative this little break in the song is what rockets it into pop mastery. I Love It is definitely a song of this summer with its blasting danceability and its glorious arrangement.

(image from
(top image from

Nights Like This, compared to I Love It, is a pensive slice of pop drama. With analog sounds and syncopated rhythm the track almost sounds Passion Pit-y. But Passion Pit done right. It's a warm blend of smooth vocals, rigid electronics, and melodious atari-sounds. Nights Like This, as well as the whole Nights Like This ep, is the auditory embodiment of a bokeh-splattered view of a glittering skyline, romantic, sophisticated, and sensory. 

The whole ep tells a story. Opening with the hopeful and entranced title track, there is a progression from the open and entranced to the more dark and ominous. Manners illustrates boisterous self inflation with dissatisfaction towards some other romantic interest. While Lovers to Friends is more low-key, reflective, emotionally involved. The ep is closed with the ominous and vocally distorted Sun Goes Down, a 3 am haunting stomp.

(image from

Lastly. Let's just talk about how chic Icona Pop is. Their video for I Love It mostly features them in all black, silver chains and necklaces, black and white shadows, rainbows of bokeh, and blowing in the wind. Whimsical, unique, unapologetic their style is simultaneously high class and accessible. Too. Fabulous.

If you're a fan of...
-Oh My!
-Passion Pit
then you absolutely need to give Icona Pop a listen. 

Check out their songs...
-I Love It
-Nights Like This
-Sun Goes Down

I Love It

Remix Of The Day
M83- Reunion (Naked And Famous Remix)
I was really surprised by this mix. I was expecting something more upbeat but was pleasantly surprised by a beautiful, low key, remix featuring whispered narrative, and whispy vocals. It becomes more upbeat and loud as it goes but still soo beautiful. 

Cover Of The Day
Ellie Goulding- High For This (The Weeknd Cover)
Sounds like old Ellie Goulding, super minimal, ethereal, percussive and simplistically beautiful. Some of the best from Ellie Goulding Lately. Lovely cover. 

Sometimes it is hard to cover everything.
So here is my best try. 
-Azealia Banks finally had her 1991 ep released and it is really good. Featuring a new recording of the amazing Liquorice and the fabulously house-y Van Vogue, and 1991. You can stream the whole ep here
-The XX's next albums is said to be out September 10th on Young Turks
-Charli XCX's newest ep is set to come in the next couple of months, featuring the glorious new song You're The One.
-Florence + The Machine released the video for her song Spectrum still love the song. Not so in love with the video to be honest, directed by David LaChapelle the video is opulent but that's about it...
-Disclosure released their newest fiery minimalist track. Featuring Ria Ritchie, Control is a blazing track from the always great minimal-glitch-house duo. 

That should be all.

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