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Music To Discover: 75

Alex Anwandter
From Chile, Alex Anwandter is a 29 year old electronic musician based in Santiago. As a child, Alex idolized Michael Jackson and was exposed to violin consistently. Alex attended grammar school at Santiago College and the pursued an interest in psychology into college. He also attended the Modern School of Music but neither psychology nor studying music proved to interest Anwandter much and he abandoned both. He then formed the band Teleradio Donoso which became very popular in the Chilean music scene however, in 2009 the band came to an end. Anwandter pursued a solo career under the pseudonym Odisea where he began to incorporated more synth-oriented and electronic styled music into his style. He then began to make music under his own name and in 2011 released new singles and a new album titled Rebeldes
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The first song I heard by Alex Anwandter was Como Puedes Vivir Contigo Mismo? (How Can You Live With Yourself?). The song itself is a disco-inspired track that is sooo nineties. And so nineties in the right way. It is piano-y influenced house, disco pulse, old school voguing type stuff. So it was no surprise, well it was, but, you know, when I saw the music video and it is a tribute to the 90s cult documents (and personal favorite film of mine) Paris Is Burning

And basically when someone makes electrodancedisco music and then incorporates a music video referencing one of my favorite movies and a namesake cultural landmark of lgbt culture I WILL PROBABLY LIKE IT NO MATTER WHAT.  Basically I could write a whole post about how I love the music video and how it killed me dead and how great I think it is... But. That is not the point.

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But really though I mean the whole butch queen first time in drag at a ball and military realness and glamour realness. SO GOOD.

Rebeldes is an album in a similar vein as Javiera Mena's album Mena. And not because both are spanish speaking Chilean artists. Both albums are delectable bits of dance music with influences from pop and disco. Both also have a great range from the emotional to the purely fabulous and even the grey area in between. Anwandter's Tatuaje (Tattoo) is another favorite of mine, favoring more emotionally tinged vocals complimented with a still crisp beat and sparse electronics. Tatuaje almost evokes a feeling of a Spanish speaking Patrick Wolf

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I really wish that I had discovered Alex Anwandter earlier, only because his first album under his actual name is really damn good. I would have easily put it as one of the best of 2011 but I may sneak it in to the best of 2012 just because it did TECHNICALLY get released in the U.S. in 2012, even though I hate doing that...

Other highlights of Rebeldes are the hypnotic and addictive Shanana which is a super dance-y throwback track. Como Una Estrella a glitter-y mash of synths and day-dream-like ambience. As a whole if you are a fan of disco-inspired dance pop, or dance pop as a whole, then Alex Anwandter's music is definitely worth checking out.

If you like...
-Scissor Sisters
Then you definitely need to check Alex Anwandter out.

Check out his songs...
-Como Puedes Vivir Contigo Mismo?
-Como Una Estrella

Como Puedes Vivir Contigo Mismo?
Alex Anwandter

Remix Of The Day
Little Boots- Headphones (Dimitri From Paris Remix)
Super 80s. And all in all a great remix of the forthcoming track from Little Boots. Featuring Hesketh's vocals, escalating and cascading synths, and a track layering that could make anyone want to dance. 

K-Pop Of The Day
Wonder Girls- Like This
Everyone loves Wonder Girls. I mean. How could you not like them?
They are easily K-Pop's most successful foray into the American music scene, I mean, they even had their movie on Nickelodeon. With a catchy dance and beat, Like This is infectious and bound to get stuck into your head. The video surprised me by how open it is. K-pop videos are usually surrounded by so much facade, sets, stages, crazy costumes, etc... The fact that this flash-mob video is even in a normal public setting (or so I think...) is very different. It's a fun video, check it out. 

Also, as you probably already noticed, I changed around a LOT of Chromatist. I rewrote some of the descriptions, added some sleek new social network buttons, changed the translator, fixed the tag-overflow thing with a drop down bar, and changed the link-colors around. Hope you like these changes!

Hope everyone had a pleasant weekend!

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