Thursday, June 7, 2012

Remixes For Thursday

Giselle- Silk (Ianborg Remix)

For me, dubstep remixes either get it REALLY RIGHT or REALLY WRONG (this is a case of the former). This remix is so smooth and velvety. It is a lush combination of Giselle's (who you might recognize from Flight Facilities' 2010 hit Crave You) vocals that are very casually full of life, the ambient twinkle of electronics, and bass-complimented distortion during the drop. Lovely remix, super smooth. You can download this remix for free from Ianborg's facebook page if you want.

Gossip- Perfect World (RAC Remix)

Gossip's most recent album is of course fabulous. This remix ups the ante of the single Perfect World combining the original's crooning vocals and all-around feel with some newer drum beats and a almost the antithesis of a drop that makes you want to dance just as much. TOO. GOOD.

Hope everyone is having a pleasant week so far!

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