Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Songs You Should Be Listening To: :PAPERCUTZ, The I.D., and Big Wave

Three things I'd like to introduce to you all.

:PAPERCUTZ have a new song out. Titled Rivers the song is taken from their upcoming album The Blur Between Us (out on July 10th).

And DANG, this song is incredible. Haunting vocals creep through the ethereal synths and ramble into a peripatetic drum beat. The song is wholly electro, fuzzy, and perfectly put together. Rivers is a really catchy song and totally draws you in with its hypnotizing beauty.

Big Wave are a lo-fi band from torquay. And you should know that their newest ep is coming out the 11th of June and you can listen to all of it here. The ep. is gloriously lo-fi in the best way. Many of the songs are super-infectious, sweet, and easy to listen to. The ep, titled The Roots Of Love reminds me a lot of bands like Asobi Seksu and The History Of Apple Pie. A fresh blend of lo-fi and pop that is sure to fulfill all your summer needs. Stream the whole thing here!

The I.D is an indie/post-punk band from London. They remind me a bit of White Lies and a bit of Editors with a bit of something else thrown in there. Their debut single, Age Anti Age is a guitar-studded track fit with dramatic and well-involved vocals. They've definitely got the post-punk thing down, definitely with their sound and their sense of arrangement. A strong single that makes The I.D definitely worth checking out.
The I.D- Age Anti Age

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